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    Jewish Diaspora

    Jewish people left the kingdom.
  • Oct 8, 622

    Mahuammad and Followers flee

    Mahuammad flees
  • Oct 8, 624

    Muslims attack Meccan

    Muslims attack
  • Oct 9, 630

    Muslims catpture Mecca

    After a fight the Islamic people win
  • Oct 13, 632

    Death Of Muhammad

    Muhammad dies and gets lifted into Heaven.
  • Oct 13, 710

    Arabs army inters Spain

    Abrabs want Spain.
  • Oct 13, 750

    The Abbasid Dynasty begins

    Abbasid's begin.
  • Oct 8, 755

    Abd ar-Rahman founds an Umayyad Dynasty in Cordoba, Spain.

    Abd ar-Rahman founds an Umayyad Dynasty
  • Oct 8, 1171

    Fatimid power ends in Egypt

  • Oct 8, 1174

    Saladin declares himself sultan of Egypt and Syria

    Saladin wants to be suitan of Egypt and Syria
  • Oct 8, 1193

    Death of Saladin

    Saladin died
  • Oct 8, 1245

    Jarusilum recaptured

    Jews toke Jarusilum over again
  • Java comes under rule of Muslims

    Java lost to the Muslims
  • Musilms move

    They move to the west
  • Pakistan becomes Muslims new homeland

    Muslims get a new homeland.
  • Arab and israeli war

    Arabs and Israeli people go to war.
  • Second Arab and Israeli war

    Arabs and Israelis go to war agian.
  • First election of female head of state

    First women gets elected to be the Prime Minister.
  • Muslims attack the us

    Muslims attack the U.S on 9-11-2001
  • Persians invade Baghdad and take power

    Persians take power of Bagdhad
  • Fatimids gain power in Egypt

    Egypt lost power to the Fatimaids
  • Mahammad dissapers

    Islamic people report Mahammad missing
  • Sicily comes under Muslim rule.

    Muslims take Sicily.
  • Persians invade Baghdad

    Persians deside the want to take over Baghdad.
  • Muslims capture Jerusalem

    Muslims take the holy place over.