Interactive Presentation

By Brajan
  • Dm6 Unit Introduction

  • Table of John wick review. Research

    Table of John wick review. Research
    Today we had to pick a topic to research about the reviews and do research the topic was a movie or a show so I picked John wick and learned more on John wick facts which will help me to present.
  • Period: to

    Interactive Presentation

  • Reviewing John Wick

    Reviewing John Wick
    Last week we done research and I picked John wick also I was researching of John Wick reviews and learned a lot how different reviews and which is good or bad.
  • Copyright pictures

    Copyright pictures
    What I learned is copyright about pictures and you can get in trouble a lot so I've used Pinterest and still checked if it was from their example IMDb.
  • 10 key points of John Wick.

    10 key points of John Wick.
    Today we done was 10 bullet points of your topic and I already picked topic and its John Wick also learned alot from the bullet points what i've made.
  • Recap

    Last week I made 10 key points on John Wick and also learned facts about John Wick
  • Interactive Presentation

    Interactive Presentation
    Last week I was improving my Table and still in working progress to make it look better and also add more words today I will improve it.
  • John Wick Powerpoint

    John Wick Powerpoint
    I'm almost finish the powerpoint
  • Creating a Structure for John Wick

    Creating a Structure for John wick adding every detail to my slide what I used.
  • Networks

    We build a network plan also done a test plan if we done the network plan correctly it will say success and if you done it wrong it will say failed my all said success as I putted the ip right into the severs and the pc to the router and it worked perfectly overall it was a fun and challenging task I really enjoyed it.