Interactive Presentation

  • 21

    DM6 Unit Introduction

  • Period: 21 to 21

    Interactive Presentation

    Decided on my interactive presentation and it was Stranger Thing. I created a time plan on it and what I am going to use.
  • Research Log

    Research Log
    We took images and made a log of the images that we chose for our presentation
  • Key points

    Key points
    Today we did key points for our presentation
  • recap

    Last week we did our key points for our presentation
  • Video log

    Video log
    Today i did my video log
  • Stranger Things Presentation

    Stranger Things Presentation
    I am almost finished with my presentation
  • Interactive presentation

    Interactive presentation
    Today i finished my presentation
  • networks

    We built a network
  • Test plan

    Test plan
    We did a test plan to see if it was a successful connection