Important Events In Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Life

By 17-053
  • 570

    Birth Of Prophet Muhammah (PBUH)

    Muhammad was born to Aminah and Abdullah, son of Abd al-Muttalib in 570 C.E.
  • 572

    The Prophet As A Young Boy

    As a young boy prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was a shepard and went on different trading caravans.
  • Jan 22, 610

    Lesson Of Preaching

    This Year Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) began preaching to the people of Makkah, warning of a day of judgement, the resurection of the dead and the Afterlife.
  • Jan 22, 617


    After Qurayesh could not convince Prophet Muhammah (PBUH) to stop preaching of Islam. Qurayesh Banned the Prophet and his followers From Makkah
  • Jan 22, 622

    Escape To Madinah

    The Muslim took refuge in Madinah as they were treated badly In Makkah in 622. He and Abu Bakr escaped Makkah Together
  • Jan 22, 624

    Battle Of Uhud

    A year after the battle of Badr the Makkans sent an army looking for revenge on the muslims after there loss against them.
  • Treaty Of Hudaibiyah

    After the battle Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) lead a pilgrimage to Makkah where Quraysh did not kill them and decided on a 10 year peace treaty which allowed the pilgrimage the following year.