Implementation of timeline

By alhd22
  • Start up social networks

    This will be the time when we sign the band up to all the websites mentioned in our pitch they don't already have accounts for. These will contain already existing photos, songs, etc, from their current social networking pages.
  • Live shows

    After all the social networking sites are started up, they can begin with live shows to get their name out there more so- all the while building a network.
  • Production finishes on EP

    By this time we will have te tracks ready for the EP. Also we will have the graphic design which would have been created by the band. Once all this is collected we will then send this to soundperformance to press the EP and also tunecore to distribute to websites.
  • The premier of the EP part I

    From this date we will start a two week period in which we exclusivly premier the EP. From the 16th March until the 23rd March we will offer the first 25 copies of the EP to fans on a first come, first serve basis over Twitter (the first 25 to request it on their page). This will not only help to get the EP heard and build a reputation for Dead Hearts UK, but it will result in more activity over their Twitter page.
  • Merchandise created

    We will create merchandise for them, with the designs created by the band again. This will be ahead of the EP release to promote it even more.
  • The premier of their EP part II

    From 24th March until the 31st March we will release a 45 second preview of each song per day through the mailing lists. This will be announced and updated on Facebook from the 16th. This should result in a vast rise of active users for the mailing list, as well as an increased number of fans through the prior promotion of doing so (curiosity of the promotion, speculation, etc).
  • U stream live performance

    before the release of the Ep the band will perform live in a studio and broadcast themselves playing all the songs from the EP in order with added songs which were not on the EP
  • Official release of the EP

    On 1st April, 2012, Dead Hearts UK's EP will be released nationally for a digital download over the iTunes store. Files on iTunes have sharing protection so piracy would be difficult. Any hard copy of the EP will be sold at shows to give a sense of reward to those who turn up to the gigs. Any more hard copies being pressed will depend on the success and money derived from the digital download release
  • Status update

    The information we gather from Bandcamp, Reverbnation and Musicglue can be used to help us deicde what venues to play, where our main source of networking should be focused at. and also what region most of our fans fall under.
  • Twitter Qand A

    once the Ep has been released this will allow the fans to aks them specific question about the EP and also discuss in more detail.
  • Plugging via radio and media

    During this period we will be marketing the band through different media such as and kerrang to booster their fanbase with a recognise media franchise. this will be pushed constantly
  • Creating a tour

    With the information we have from reverbnation and msicglue put together we will be able to create a tour in cities where there are large numbers of fans and also at decent venues best suited for the band.
  • Competion for photographer

    We will hold a oompetion for one of the fans to win a chance at being the bands photographer during their tour. This would consist of the fans uploading their photos to the facebook site and the photos that get the most likes will be choosen. This would allow the band to connect with the fans.
  • Q and A

    There will be a session on twitter allowing the fans to talk to the band and ask them question about the tour, EP etc.
  • The tour

    The two month period has been allocated to give time to liase with promoters, venues, sponsers and managers, additional to deciding and confirming who they can rightfully tour with and where in relation to their current status. EP's will all be pressed and ready to sell off at the gigs, which, given their current status, they can do themselves. Liasing with the band personally after watching a performance should encourage fans to buy their music.
  • Public Relations

    2 months after the begining of the tour should be an appropriate amount of time to review fan activity as well as any other publicity they may have gained, even if it's reviews on forums and discussion boards. From here onwards would be a period of raising awareness through appearances (e.g., interviews, filmed music sessions, photo shoots, etc), which will be updated and advertised via social networking.