immigrant project

  • on my way to Ellis Island

    on my way to Ellis Island
    My name is Emmett Doyle and I am from Ireland. Today I am immigrating to the United states with my brother in law Steven O'Reilly . We left our family's at home So we could find work in the united states. The boat we are on is very crowded and
    Smells horrible.
  • arrived at Elise Islands

    Today we finally arrived in Elise Island . We spent all day at immigration and lots of Americans were giving us dirty looks. When me and Steven were finally released Into the city the first thing we did was look for a home . First we looked at
    The slum section of the city and saw how gross they were. People were living In there own waste so we decided to keep looking.
  • found a job

    Me and Steven finally found a nice apartment to live in but while we were looking for Homes we saw a help wanted sign for railroad work. So we went in and talked to the
    Boss and got a job! I work on setting explosives.
  • family is coming!

    After working two years in the railroad me and Steven saved enough money To buy a big house and farm. Our families are coming over on the titanic to live with us. I'm so excited to see my family, it feels like its been forever.
  • the titanic sunk

    Today is just about the worst day of my life. The titanic sunk and So far we have not heard from our family so even though I don’t want to believe it we have to assume that they are dead. At this point I don’t know what me and Steven will do.