immagration timeline

  • wife was kinaped

    i woke up to just see my wife being dragged out the door by some men but befor i could move i fealt a blunt object hit my head and then everything went fuzzy
  • start to head to america

    i saw my wife on a ship being pusheed into the underparts of the main cabbin along with some other women. i asked the dock captin where it was heading and he told me america.
  • arive in america

    i arived in america with my 16 year old son and my 10 year old daugter. i check my kids into a hotel and look for my wife
  • find wife

    i was looking for my wife for three days befor i found her. she was in a run down house along with about 15 other woman and was bound and gagged. she was asleap so i woke her up and was runing out when i saw the men walking twords the house through the window. we ran out the back into the woods.
  • wife stolen again

    we had been runing for about 3 hours before we saw the men closing in on us. we turned around and ran as fast as we could but they had horses they cought us within 5 minutes.
  • almost murdered

    after the cought us they bound my wife and me. they also tied cynderblocks to my arms. they then broght me to a mist covered lake and thats when i understood. they wanted to kill me. i was thrown into the lake and was sinking fast i thoght it was the end. but just then i hit a sharp object that gave me a small cut on my arm. it was a iron boat that was broken in half. i quickly used it to break the ropes tieing my arms and legs and swam up to the surface.
  • start to go west

    i woke up in the hospital with my kids next to me. aparently i was dragged here by a police man after i blacked out on the street. he woke me up for just a long enough time that i told him where my kids were and then passed out again. when i was awake i told them the whole story. they began the search and found that several witneses saw and heard them heading west in a big waggon through the back roads. so thats where i would go. west
  • daugter dies

    we were traveling west and my daughter had been sick for weeks. she had tuburculosis. and had not long to live is what the doctor said. then just like that she died. we burried he and had a two man funeral stayed for a day and then trudged onward, our hearts filled with srows
  • the end

    the blad hit my backand i felt the warmth seeping from my body i heard a scream and turned to se my son and wife behind the last man who was falling with a knife in his back. they were both crying. i told my son to stay stron and take care of his mom and then told him to take my shoe and take the 300 dolars under the sole of it and told him to use it to make a house in the west. then i kssed my wife with my last dying breath and passed on to the next world.
  • find bandits

    i found them. they were seting up camp so me and my son waited until knightfall to try to get her back. in the night i gave my son a steak knife and had one for myself. we snuck into their camp and started to slit throats. about halfway through we knocked over a part of the tent so it clapsed i imidiatly stabbed as many people as i could find and told my son to run. i was up against two men who both had knives i lunged at the first one and hit his chest but before i could turn i felt the blade.