History Timeline

  • Period: to

    DeMonts, Pourtrincourt, Champlain

    *DeMonts , Pourtrincourt, and Champlain made a french settlement on Ste. Croix Island
    *French King cancelled monopoly, settlement was abbandoned
  • Pourtrincourt, Father Fleche, Charles De La Tour, Membertou, Micmaq

    *Poutrincourt returned to Acadia in 1610, with Father Fleche, Claude De La Tour, and his son Charles
    *While they were gone, Chief Membertou had protected the habitation.
    *Father Fleche started converting Micmaq to Christianity while the others started farming and fur trading
  • Father Biard and Father Masse

    *More colonists arrived at Port Royal in 1611, along with Father Biard and Father Masse.
    *Although Acadia was not important to the French as a major supplier of furs, Acadia gave a nation power in North America * For the power in the new world and rich fish and fur resources the French and the English competed
    *St.Lawrence area fought for the possesion of the colony of Acadia
  • English claim Acadia and Charles De La Tour

    *While Poutrincourt was in France to raise money for the Acadian colony of Port Royal,it was struck by an attack and alot of things were destroyed by Samuel Argall
    *Acadia was claimed by the English
    *For the next 150 years the English and the French fought each other over control of Acadia
    *In spite of the destruction many of the French in the colony,including Charles De La Tour didnt want to give up,
    they resorted to trading for furs,hiding from the English,etc
  • Company of 100 Asociates and Granted fur trade monopoly

    *The St.Lawrence area proved to be a very sucessful fur trading area; the fur trade grew and large profits were collected
    *Over the years many monopolies were given to different fur trade companie
    *In 1627, the company of 100 associates was granted a fur trade on the monopoly on the fur trade in New France, Their monopoly extended from the North Pole to Florida.
  • War

    War Between France and England in Europe
  • William Alexandcer

    William Alexander tried to make a Scottish settlement at Port Royal in Acadia in 1628, calling it New Scotland (Nova Scotia).
  • Period: to

    English Ships Occupy St.Lawrence

    English ships reguarly attacked French Ships between 1628 and 1632; the english occupied the St.Lawrence area.
  • Kirke Brothers and Champlain

    The Kirke Brothers, fighting for England, attacked Quebec and forced Champlain to surrender in 1692
  • Acadia returned to french

    *In 1632 Acadia was given back to the french at the end of the war between France and England
    *Scottish returned to Scotland
    *Three hundred french settlers came to Acadia
  • French Settlers immigrated to Port Royal and Quebec

    Port Royal became a very well known area for settlement in 1633 and Quebec
  • Trois Rivieres Founded

    Trois Rivieres was found in 1634
  • Ville-Marie founded

    Ville-Marie now known as Montreal was founded
  • Company of Habitants

    *The Company of Habitants took monopoly of the fur trade in New France
    *Charles de la tour, Ft. Sainte Marie, was attacked
    * Fort was defended but eventually fell
  • French Control north of Acadia and English control south

    *English attacked Port Royal again, captured all french settlements arounf baby of fundy
    *the english took control over southern parts and french took over south
  • Treaty of Westminster

    The Treaty of Westminster (a peace treaty between england and France) returned french forts in Acadia to the french
  • french contol New France with royal government

    French Goverment took over control of New France and made Royal Government