History timeline

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    history timeline

  • Samuel de champlain

    He went to New France as the leader of expedition and to establish a settlement in Quebec. He built mini fortresses and formed alliances with the first nations people in hopes of expanding fur trading
  • The jesuit priests

    In 1611 the jeuit priests arrived in New France and were important because they were the ones who spread religion and established a school for boys.
  • Francois de Laval, the bishop

    Francois organized the parish system of New France.
  • Jesuits

    The jesuits established schools, hospitals and convents by groups of nuns to New France
  • The ursuline nun, Marie Martin

    Marie Martin and two other ursuline sisters arrived in Quebec, where they established a convent
  • Jeanne Mance

    A woman who came to new france and established a hospital and spent years helping the ill
  • King louis XIV

    King Louis the XIV took direct control of New France. He did that so that fur trading can be legal for anyone in New france to trade with the first nations people. It is important because him doing that has made many people comfortable with their actions.
  • Champlain and the jesuits

    He thought that he should spread roman catholic religion the the FNP and encoureged the jesuits to go to North America to persuade the FNP to christianity.
  • the intendant Jean Talon

    Jean Talon was the person who arranged for settlers to come into New France because he wanted furthur population growth.
  • Filles du roi

    Isabelle Hubert and Louis Bolduc were contracted to marry and they were married as soon as possible