History of Heart Surgery

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In History
  • First Corretive Heart Surgery

    First Corretive Heart Surgery
    it was created to correct mitral stenosis, a vaule that does not open completely, most patients died. preformed by Dr. Charles Bailey
  • First Open Heart Surgery

    First Open Heart Surgery
    performed on a five year old girl who had a hole in her heart
  • Heart-Lung Machine

    Heart-Lung Machine
    it took over the need to worry about running out of time because of lack of oxygen to the brain.
  • Solution To Stop The Heart

    Solution To Stop The Heart
    a solution was made by Dr. Dennis Melrose that stopped the heart from beating during surgery
  • First Heart Transplant

    First Heart Transplant
    was sucsessful for 18 days until the patient died of pneumonia, preformed by Dr. Christiaan Barnard
  • First Successful Long Term Heart Transplant

    First Successful Long Term Heart Transplant
    Dr. Christiaan Barnard oppreated and the patient lived for nineteen months.
  • cyclosporin was discovered

    cyclosporin was discovered
    cyclosporin is a fungus that prevents bodies for regecting organ transplnats discovered by Jean-Francois Borel
  • Heart Transplant Failures

    Heart Transplant Failures
    146 of the 170 heart transplant patients had died casting a grim future on heart transplants
  • New Heart Surgery to Repair Over Sized Hearts

    New Heart Surgery to Repair Over Sized Hearts
    Dr. Randas Batista developed a new surgery where surgens cut open the heart and take out a section of the left ventricle to help it be able to pump blood more effectively. there have been mixed results from this kind of surgery.
  • Period: to

    First Heart Surgery

    there is no real date of when it occured, but it was preformed by Dr. Dwight Harken on a soldier who had shrapnel in his heart