History of health occupations

  • 400


    began the study of Hippocrates
    father of medine
  • 400

    Dark and middle ages

    Dark and middle ages
    the study of medical science and stopped foever 1000 years
    - used herbal medicine
  • 500

    Egyptians- 3500- 500 B.C.E

  • Oct 7, 1000

    Magic and faith

    • not exclusively or even primarily medically knowledgeable to themselves.
    • they often have illness was treated at home.
  • Oct 7, 1200


    the first measures for control of the public hygiene instituted
  • Oct 7, 1300

    human corpse

    first dissection of the human corpse
  • Oct 7, 1400


    the first recored regulations for midwives
  • Oct 7, 1400

    The Renaissance

    The Renaissance
    ReBirth science- study the medicene
  • Oct 7, 1492

    surgery and a shave

    the treatments involed primarily cauterizing and the bloodletting which means the body of poision by the opening of a vein.
  • Oct 7, 1493

    printing press

    printing press
  • Oct 7, 1500

    medical schools were built

  • Oct 7, 1500


    the first scientic study of the human anatomy published
  • Oct 7, 1500

    Sixth and seventh Century

    amdreus Vesalius and leanardo Da Vinci dissected human bodies and mad e the first anatomical drawings.
  • blood

    blood circulation first dscribed bacteria discovered
  • William Harvey

    William Harvey
    decrided the cirulation of blood and the pumping of the heart
  • edward jenner

    edward jenner
    Developed a caccine for smallpox
  • George Washingtion

    Nique believed that George washingtion was bled to death in his last illness on friday dec. 3.
  • eighteenth century

    Bene Laenne invented the stethoscope
  • Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin Franklin
    invented Biofocals and found that cold could be passed from person to person.
  • Elizabeth Blackwell

    became the first woman to equlify as a doctor in the U.S
  • Gene Therapy

    insertion of genes into an individuals cells and tissues to treat a disease, and hereditary diseace in particuar.
  • Clara Barton

    founded in the american red cross
    " angle of the battlefield.
  • Wilnelm Roentgen

    discovered x rays and allowed the doctors to use them to see inside the body.
  • Gene Mapping

    the mapping of genes to specific locations on chromosomes. its critcal step in understanding the gentic disease.
  • nineteenth and twentieth centuries

  • Louis Pasteur

    Rabies Vaccone proved that microorganisms caused diseases and discovered that heating milk prevented the growth of bacteria
  • Florence Nightingale

    started the first school of nursing durning the crimean War and made nuring an honorable profession
  • Marie Curie

    isolated radium
  • sir Alexandar Fleming

    discovered penicillin
  • Joseph Lister

    the first doctor to use an anitseptic durning surgery to prevent infection in this incision.
  • Birth control used

  • Jonnas Salk

    discovered the poilo Vaccine
  • Robert Koch

    the father of Microbiology he discoved many diseases- causing organisms.
  • Chritian Barnard

    performed the wolds first heart transplant surgery
  • First test tube baby born

  • Tissue of Cloning

    the process of creating an identical copy of an orginal .
    scientist cloned sheep
  • Period: to

    History of medicene

  • Influenza outbreak-