History of blood cells

By Alex35
  • Jan Swammerdam

    First person to observe and describe blood cells , is known to be 21 year old dutch microscopist , Jan Swammerdam
  • Richard Lower

    First recorded blood transfusion is with dogs and was performed by Richard Lower from England
  • Anton

    Dutch microscopist gives a more prescise description of blood cells , even giving the exact size of it
  • Phillip

    A footnote in medical journal says a philadelphia physican perfprms the first human to humna blood transfusion
  • James Blundell

    British physiologist performs the first recoreded blood transfusian with humans , using a syringe
  • Karl

    Austrian physician publishes a paper describing his discovery on the three main blood group types. A, B, C
  • Landsteiner

    Dr. Landsteiner and his colleagues discover a fourth blood type. AB
  • Reuben

    Dr. Reuben performs the first blood transfusion using cross matching
  • Francis Peyton

    Francis Peyton discovers a solution that allows blood to be stored for a few weeks
  • Oswald robertson

    oswald Robertson , serving in the army , collected blood type 0 , and made his onwn blood depot
  • Percy Lane

    Percy Lane makes a donor service out of his home in london
  • Dr. serge

    Dr. serge is the first to test the transfusion of cadaver blood
  • transfusion service

    A group of anesthesiologists having a organized a transfusion service two years earlier , are the first to store citrated blood
  • Antibody

    Dr. Phillips discovers an unknown antibody in the blood , form a still born inherited from the father
  • blood donpor service

    civilian blood donor organized by the american red cross to collect blood plasma for war effort. first one made in new york
  • blood banks

    just like the red cross blood centers , more were set up in the county. blood banks were joining together to form a national blood bank called american association blood bank
  • Dr. Carl

    trained surgeon, Dr walker made a plastic bog to store blood. which replaced glass bottles
  • Hemogoblin

    Dr. Max, using x-rays, was able to discover the structure of hemogoblin. protein which carries oxygen to red blood cells
  • Dr. Baruch

    his work leads to the development of a test to detect presence of hepatitis b antibodies. to see if the donors are infected
  • AIDS

    first cases of syndrome initially called GRID , later renamed to aids.
  • GRID

    Bruce Evatt, starts to think that GRID might be blood borne.
  • AIDS

    Dr. luc, locates the virus that causes aids. and try to isolate it
  • AIDS

    Dr. Robert gallo identifies the virus that causes aids. Names it HTLV III
  • AIDS

    after dozens of people are infected with aids from blood transfusions, the first blood screening test to see if AIDS or HIV is in the blood. Battle is made to see who takes credit for who discoverd AIDS
  • DIeseases

    more sensitive tests are developed for screening blood tests for infections, dieseases