Hero's Journey

  • Heroes In Real Life

    Heroes In Real Life
    In class we watch multiple videos and read articles about heros in our own world. Including the subway hero and the hero(s) that saved the man and his three kids that were stuck under a bridge in freezing temperature waters.
  • Kristi Quillen

    Kristi Quillen
    We watch an interview with a hero (who's hometown is Katy, Texas) as she tells her life in Costa Rica as a member of the Peace Corps. We realize how heroic she is due to everything she had to give up as she lives in a rural Costa Rica town.
  • "Change The World" Power Point

    We read the power point and discuss the different types of heros. Including inventors, entertainers, humanitarians, etc...
  • "Change the World" Power Point

    "Change the World" Power Point
    We listen to varied music that discusses heros. Including "Youth of Today" by Amy MacDonald.
  • First Blog Post

    I discuss who my personal Hero is and why I chose them and post it on Edmodo and Posterous and then print it out.
  • Second Blog Post

    We post our second paragraph on Edmodo and Posterous. This time we discuss different Heros in Literature and our own definition of the word Hero and who our childhood heros are.
  • Biographies

    Each person discusses something from their biography that they thought was personally interesting and share it with the class.