Heroes Timetoast

Timeline created by alexispitts
  • Subway Hero

    In class, we watched a video of the subway hero and started exploring ideas of heroes and their personality traits. We also discussed the honorable actions of the subway hero.
  • Why Courage Matters Passage

    We listened to the passage from John McCain's, "Why Courage Matters" about Roy Benevedaz and talked about the sort of things people are willing to do for their fellow man and what people are capable of.
  • Interview with Kristi Quillen

    We watched the interview with a former teacher who's now in the peace corps and listened to what her life is now like and what she's given up to be where she is.
  • Library

    The class went to the library and started researching our hero. I found Isadora Duncan's biography and began research on her.
  • Heroes in Literature

    We discussed different works of lieterature and whether the character from the book was the hero or if the autor was the hero.
  • Change the World

    We took different famous figures and divided them up into groups based on what they did and the kind of person they were.
  • Change the World Continued

    We continued the power point and discussed how the tone of certain videos such as "The Badly Drawn Boy" was established in them.
  • Change the WOrld COntinued

    On the final day of our power point we wathed the lost generation poem and talked about problems and solutions oin the "We Are The People We Have Been Waiting For" video.
  • First Chapter

    We shared excerpts from our books and discussed different things about the hero's we'd chosen to do our project on.