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Hero Timetoast

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  • "Why Courage Matters"- John McCain

    "Why Courage Matters"- John McCain
    We, in class, learned about a hero named Roy Benavidez who saved many of his men in combat. Benavidez saved the life of his fellow soldiers and managed to bring back the fallen soldiers back onto a military helicopter, all while sustaining heavy gun-fire. This allowed me to realize that Heroes often go out of thier way to save someone even if it's not convienent, in this case, it was life-threatening.
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    Hero Timeline

  • Kristi Quillen Interview

    Kristi Quillen Interview
    We watched a recording of an interview with our English teachers of a Peace Corps Volunteer, Kristi Quillen, who helped to improve other peoples lives in foreign countries.
  • Heroes in Literature

    Heroes in Literature
    We read several paragraphs on who could be considered a Hero and why. This helped me have a broader outlook on people I heard about in my life.
  • How I Chose My Subject

    How I Chose My Subject
    We wrote a paragraph explaining why we chose our hero. This helped me also better understand my hero's traits and achivements.
  • DEAR

    We continued reading our books.
  • Heroes In Literature

    Heroes In Literature
    We wrote an essay discussing our views on societies heroes. It broadened my definition of a hero and helped me understand that fictional characters could be heroes too.
  • First Chapter Friday

    First Chapter Friday
    We each shared something from our biography that was unusual or interesting about our hero.