Hero Project!

Timeline created by miles007
  • Subway Hero!

    Subway Hero!
    In class, we watched an interview on Wesley Autrey, the Subway Hero, who saved a man's life in a Subwat Station in New York!
  • Roy Benavidez!

    Roy Benavidez!
    Today in class, we listened to Mrs. Allen read a passage from John McCain's book. The passage was about Seargent Roy Benavidez, a persevering American soldier who put his life on the line for his other army men and his country.
  • Kristi Quillen!

    Kristi Quillen!
    Today, we watched a video of an interview the Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Simmons had with one of their former students in the Peace Corps! This is going to be very helpful with the structuring of our Audio/Video Interview for our Hero!
  • I chose my hero!

    I chose my hero!
    My hero for my project is Louis Zamperini.
  • OWL Purdue and Gale Group

    OWL Purdue and Gale Group
    Today I read through the article on citing MLA Electronical Sources and I also looked for some articles on my hero on Gale Group
  • In class Discussions

    In class Discussions
    Today in class, we discussed in groups the topic of Youth. We debated if youth can make an impact to society and and if they can help to solve the problems of society. In my opinion, the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. I think that the youth are more willing to step up to the challenge of helping to fix society because they have nothing to lose and aren't afraid of failing. Overall, the youth of today are fantastic leaders and together, a change for the better can occur.
  • In class work

    In class work
    Today in class we had some very valuable DEAR time and I got a ton of research done on Louis Zamperini!
  • Heroes in Literature Essay

    Heroes in Literature Essay
    Today we turned in our Heroes in Literature Essay. In the paper, we needed to show how we viewed heroes and who they are to us, as well as give examples of our contemporary heroes and our heroes from books that we have previously read! I enjoyed writing this and putting my point of view down on paper!
  • DEAR time!

    DEAR time!
    Today in class, I knocked out a good 50 pages of my book! I love it so far and just cannot wait to finish it!
  • Paragraph from Biography

    Paragraph from Biography
    Today, most of the class got to read a passage from their book on their hero! This was a fun assignment because the passage could be anything that we found interesting or intriguing about our hero!