Super hero

Hero Project

  • Free-Write

    We wrote about heroes in class. I defined a hero as "someone who risks their life, happiness, or career to help another, even a complete stranger to them".
  • Subway Story

    Subway Story
    We watched a video about Wesley, the subway hero, and discussed whether or not he was a hero. I consider Wesley's actions to be truly heroic, as I can't ven imagine laying on top of a man going through a seizure as a train barrelled over our heads. So much bravery is required for such actions.
  • First Chapter Friday: Roy Benavidez

    First Chapter Friday: Roy Benavidez
    Mrs. Allen read a chapter from Why Courage Matters, by John McCain about Roy Benavidez's heroic "Moment of Madness" during which he saved many lives while gravely wounded. This story is so motivating and simply amazing. I probably wouldn't believe it if someone off the street told it to me. We compared McCain's definition of a hero to our own. I began to think of a hero more as anyone who changes the world. Although there are many different types of heroes, I saw that as one shared trait.
  • Interview: Kristi Quillen

    Interview: Kristi Quillen
    We viewed an interview between Mrs. Simmons, Mrs. Allen, and Kristi Quillen, a Peace Corps volunteer in Costa Rica. I was very inspired and this supported my idea that a hero is anyone who changes the world, because I see Quillen as a hero but I also see Benavidez as one.
  • Hero's Journey Assignment

    Hero's Journey Assignment
    We were given this assignment and told to start considering who our hero might be.
  • Library Visit

    Library Visit
    We visited the library at school. I was debating between Ansel Adams, the photographer, and James Herriot, the veterinarian.
  • Choosing My Hero

    Choosing My Hero
    I talked to my parents and decided to research James Herriot. I ordered his biography off of
  • Heroes in Literature

    We did an in-class worksheet about heroes in literature, and who the hero was--the author or the character? I decided that in my opinion, it is the author who is the hero most of the time.
  • "Change the World" Powerpoint

    "Change the World" Powerpoint
    We viewed a powerpoint about how various heroes changed the world. I decided that my hero, James Herriot, changed the world by inspiring and teaching thousands of readers about the veterinary profession through his writing. I also recieved my biography in the mail and began reading.
  • "Change the World" Powerpoint Day 2

    We continued viewing the Powerpoint. We saw Hugh Laurie's comedy video about how to change the world, Badly Drawn Boy's video for "Year of the Rat" about a boy hugging people to change the world, John Mayer's "Waiting on the World to Change" video, and the Liberty Mutual advertisement, which all portrayed different definitions of what exactly people could do to change the world.
  • First Blog Post

    In my first blog post, I discussed why I chose James Herriot as my hero - mainly because he was the person who inspired me to pursue the medical field, either as a veterinarian or doctor.
  • Technology Day

    Technology Day
    Mrs. Wade came in to class and showed us thevarious ways to record our interview. I started thinking about my options and brainstorming some questions for Dr. Wood, my interviewee.
  • Second Blog Post

    In this blog post, I discussed my heroes in literature and in my childhood. I deepened and solidified my definition of a hero as anyone who changes the world, and thought of more examples.