healthcare disruptions

By abij
  • Period: 1897 BCE to

    small pox vaccines

    Smallpox had a 30% fatality rate. A 13-year-old boy developed immunity to smallpox after being bit by a venomous snake, so Edward Jenner developed the first vaccine that temporarily eradicated smallpox. It also set the precedent for future vaccines (2020).
  • Period: to

    MMR Vaccine

    Measles was discovered in 1757. From 1963 -1967 there was a failed vaccine. They developed a vaccine that covered three diseases this has a 97% efficacy rate against measles after the second recommended dose. Vaccinated people have milder symptoms if they get the disease. This vaccine is still recommended and heavily used in the US ( 1/26/2021).
  • Period: to

    Polio Vaccines

    There have been multiple polio epidemics in the United States, the first in 1894. In 1904 they realized that this was a contagious disease. The first trial of the polio vaccine was in 1954. Showing an 80 %- 90% efficacy rate. It was put into production at the same time that the data came out. In 1994 it was said to be eliminated from the USA (Polio).
  • Period: to

    Covid-19 vaccine

    The Covid-19 pandemic hit the United States in late 2019. This pandemic was highly contagious and deadly. The country had a lockdown, and businesses were closed to keep people safe. They acted quickly to develop a vaccine the first dose was administered in December 2020 on an emergency basis. As of now, there are two doses plus booster shots as the virus mutates and changes (Vaccines for Covid-19).
  • Period: to

    Aids Vaccine

    The first case of Aids was in1981. This endemic disease ravished communities that were primarily of color or the gay community. They have been searching for a cure or a vaccine for decades. Durig the Covid-19 pandemic and mRNA use opened the door to trials of an mRNA vaccine will start in 2022. Using one disruption to cause another disruption in medician (HIV vaccines).