Haggetts timeline

By P13453
  • May 11, 1300


  • May 6, 1348

    Black death

    A plague that killed alot of people throughout the middle ages
  • May 11, 1373

    The river lock

  • Apr 1, 1440

    Printing Press

  • May 31, 1440


  • May 4, 1492


    Discovered in south america and brang back to Europe, provided quick and easy food to the starving.
  • English civil war

  • Execution of charles 1

  • Intravenous injections

    blood, drugs and vaccines could be injected into peoples blood
  • Great fire of London

    The great fire of london boiled the water sources and burnt away the slums cleansing the city of the plague and alowing them to rebuild and start again+
  • The steam engine

  • Spinning jenny

  • Threshing machine

    Extracts grain from the wheat in a quicker more efficient way then by hand
  • Small pox vaccine discvovered

  • Telegraph