Greatest Discoveries

  • Laws of motion

    Laws of motion
    If in 1687 Isaac Newton he had not published the laws of the motion, humanity would not have been able to construct functional transport systems like the airplane.
  • Oxygen

    If in 1778 Joseph Priestley and Antoine Laurent Lavoisier had not discovered the existence of oxygen, the oxygen tanks would not have been invented
  • Vaccine

    If in the 18th century Edward Jenner had not created the first smallpox vaccine, at the present time the scientists would not have uncovered other vaccines against many other diseases
  • Anesthesia

    If in 1846 a group of doctors had not discovered anesthesia, the people would have suffered the whole pain caused due to a surgery.
  • Germs

    If in 1847 doctor Ignaz Semmelweis he had not discovered the existence of the germs, at the present time they would not have been able to heal the diseases caused by these.
  • Plastic

    If in 1860 John Wesley Hyatt he had not uncovered a named plastic polymer, the industry in general he would not have evolved so quickly, since plastic is used in everything.
  • Radiation

    If in 1896 the French physicist Antoine Henri Becquerel had not discovered the existence of the radiation, at the present time we would not have been able to use X-rays.
  • Cathode ray tubes

    Cathode ray tubes
    If in 1897 the English physicist Joseph John Thomson had not uncovered cathode ray tubes, we would not have invented the television neither a laptop
  • Blood transfusion

    Blood transfusion
    If in 1900 Karl Landsteiner he had not discovered that there are different kinds of blood, million people would have died due to the absence of blood transfusions.
  • Cosmic radiation

    Cosmic radiation
    If to beginning of the 20th century the physicist Victor Hess had not discovered the existence of the cosmic radiation, we would not have known one of the causes of cancer.