Grade 7 history

  • Apr 3, 1534

    Jacques Catier 1 voyage

    Jacques voyages to New found land and finds lot of Cod fish
  • Apr 3, 1535

    Jacques Cartier 2ed voyage

    Jacques on his 2nd voyage he reaches the First nations Stadona capatal
  • Acadia Founded

  • Samaul De Champlain

    Samaul De Champlain finds the St Lawrence river and discovered New France and claimed it for France
  • 1613 Acadia is claimed by the English people

    In 1613 Acadia, is claimed by English soliders and made to hellp them fight France
  • Montreal founded

    In the year 1642 the city Ville-Marie, now Montreal was founded
  • Louis XIV

    In 1663 king Louis created the Sovereign Council to manage the kingdom.
  • Acadia Lost to British

  • Seven years of war

    It took place between 1754 and 1763
    In north america it was because British wanted to take over new France.
  • Great War of 1812

    The War of 1812 happened between USA and Birtish canada and many other countrys. It ended in 1815