Timeline created by Sweetmudkips
  • The Battle for Brick Ridge

    In the city once known as Washington D.C., a once massive city filled with cybernetics and robots, now brought low to rubble and massive skyscrapers. This is the capital of the great nation of the Nation.
  • America Falls

    On this day, in the brink of chaos, and a nuclear flash, America is wiped out from existence. In this instant, two factions are made, the Legion, irradiated mongrels, and the Nation, fighters for peace and freedom.
  • The Great Speech

    Our Glorious Leader gives one final speech, which went on to inspire our philosophers to create the legislation and constitution of our nation.
    In that instant, he was assassinated on that stage.
  • The Final Battle

    In this final battle,we took the battle to the Legion dogs, ending their empire in one final swoop!
    We were inspired by our leaders death, and fueled by our lust for revenge.
    In this moment, we had a new leader, the one who slew the Legion's leader, Mark Antony. He went on to form our land into glory.
  • The Formation

    On the anniversary of our great victory, of the end of the war, we found ourselves called to create our nation.
    In here, we created a government much like our predecessors, the Americans, a democratic republic. However we ensured one thing shall never happen, the power of multiple parties forming.
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    The Great War

    The war between the Legion and the Nation
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    Start to Current Time

    Created in 2705, after the fall of the United States of America, the United Republic of the States is made to hold the ideals and life of Olde America together.
    The old America was destroyed by two parties, the Democrats and the Republicans, launching a civil war against eachother, culminating in a nuclear winter.