g321 foundation portfolio

  • Choosen genre

    we chose the genre film genre
  • Finshed the Presentation on Conventions of Film Noir

    Completed the Presentation for the conventions of a film noir
  • Completed the History of Film Noir

    Completed a prezi presentation on the history of the film noir genre
  • Beth's & Hannah's completed Micro-anlysis

    Beth has completed her micro-analysis on Sunset Boulevard.
    Hannah has completed her micro-anaylsis on Kiss Me Deadly.
  • Completed Institutional and Audience research

    Hannah has completed the institutional research and Beth has completed the audience research
  • Both nine-frame analysis's completed.

    Hannah has completed her nine frame anaylsis of Double Indemnity.
    Beth has completed her nine frame analysis of Big Combo.
  • Completion of Deconstruction of titles

    Beth has completed her deconstruction of titles using the film noir: Double Indemnity
    Hannah has completed her deconstruction of titles using the film noir: Kiss Me Deadly
  • Initial Ideas

    We decided on our initial ideas
  • Questionnaire

    We planned and made a questionnaire for our primary research
  • Posted Initial Ideas

    Wrote out and posted the intial ideas for the opening sequence
  • Recce shots

    Took recon shots of Headland, Pathways, Marina and Ward Jackson Park.
  • Script

    Wrote the script for opening sequence
  • Completed Script

    Completed the script for the voiceover for the film noir
  • Production Logo Created

    We have created a production logo for our opening sequence, both the rough drawen version and the computer design have been competed.
  • Completed Storyboard

    Completed the drawn version of the storyboard and uploaded it to begin the animatic
  • Preliminary Task

    We filmed the preliminary task earlier in the year and added it to blog
  • Treatment Sheet

  • Call Sheet

  • Chose a Warner Brothers Logo

    We decided on Warner Brothers logo that fits in with the era of the 1940s which we are filming in.
  • Changed Ideas

    We have changed from our original idea of filming on the Headland and using numerous actors. We are know planning on filming on the Heart to Haswell Walkway and using only one actor.
  • Filming

    When filming we had to put the night mode on and when looking back over the shots it has made it jerky and has captured every frame. We will now have to shoot again to make it better quality.
  • Props List

    Created a props list from both our original and current film idea
  • Updated blog

    Updated the blogs
  • Completed Rough Cut

    Completed the rough cut of our opening sequece
  • Began Final Cut

    We began to make changes and produceour final cut after feedback from Carl on our rough cut