G321 Foundation Portfolio

  • Risk Assessment

    Completed and posted on blog. Needs editing due to the change of location for filming as our idea changes.
  • Creation of Blog

  • Period: to

    G321 Foundation Portfolio - Deadlines and Dates

  • Creation of my own blog

    due to exams, my blog had to be created the day after everybody elses
  • Team Meeting

    We discussed what tasks we were up to, and see what responsibilities needed to be put forward for the team tasks, such as initial ideas. I put myself forward for the Initial Ideas task for the group.
  • Conventions of a horror film

    Completed and posted on blog
  • Initial Ideas

    Completed and posted on blog
  • History of Genre

    Completed and posted on blog
  • Opening Sequence Analysis - The Descent

    Completed and Posted on blog
  • Team Meeting

    We discussed again where we were up to on all of our tasks, we again had to choose different group members to tasks. I chose creating a timeline for the group to have a template for their blogs. And liam chose the Titles Timeline task to be placed on the blog also.
  • 9 Frame Analysis - Halloween 2

    Completed and posted on blog
  • Institution Research

    Completed and posted on blog
  • Audience Research

    completed and posted on blog
  • Group Discussion

    We discussed upon the idea of our film and where it will be located and such locations we could use for our opening scene. We then came upon the location for our filming to be done at, which would be Wynyard Forest.
  • Group Discussion

    We now came upon a filming date for our project which would be Monday 13th February, and have sorted all the props and equipment we will need for filming. We have also decided to contact some people to be extra's in our film sequence. As well as this, we decided that waqaar would create our pitch, due to him having the main vision and idea for the film narrative, once this is took down and understood by team members we should be able to move on to other tasks such as the storyboard next week.
  • Team Meeting

    We also have to complete such tasks as Audience research (Waqaar) and the Titles Timeline (Liam) so that we can implement them and share on our blogs, they also need to get group tasks that are on my blog on to theirs as well such as Institution Research and Initial Ideas.
  • Research and planning deadline

  • Original Filming Date

    No communication leads to the original filming date to be scrapped and a team meeting is in order to decide upon a date.
  • Titles Sequence Timeline

    completed and posted on blog.
  • Company Logo

    Completed and polsted on blog.
  • Team meeting

    here we decided to film the next day as we we're all free and had better communication than the first attempt.
  • Filming Date

    The confirmed filming date for Steetley and the house scenes.
  • Call Sheet

    Call sheet completed and posted on blog. Information on location of the Steetley scene and props etc.
  • Recce shots

    all 4 recce shots uploaded to youtube and placed on blog.
  • Treatment Sheet

    completed and posted on blog
  • Construction - Completion of filming Deadline

  • Rough Cut Started

  • Construction - Rough Cut Deadline

  • Pitch

    completed and posted on blog.
  • Rough Cut

    Footage edited, and placed in order of movie, still need to implement music. Feedback: need music, need further editing because it has jumps and the voices need dubbing because its not understandable because of the wind, this will progress understanding of the narrative as viewers did not really understand it.
  • Call Sheet Part 2

    Second part of our call sheet, which consists of information of filming the house scene and what props etc. we need.
  • Primary Audience Research

    Although this was completed back in february, and used it to progress ideas to fit the audience in our film. We have only just composed all this information into one document so that we can show the results.
  • Risk Assessment Update

    Our original scene was set in Wynard Woods but as we changed our idea, we also had to change the call sheet, we had to consider all the dangers of the enviroment and placed them into the call sheet.
  • Construction - Final Cut Deadline

  • Audience Profile

    We created a model person 'bill' as an example of our target audience and who we want to actually target with our film.
  • Team starts evaluation questions

    all team have at least started their evaluation answers.
  • Anamatic

    Storyboard put together piece by piece with commentary
  • Shooting Schedule

    Shooting schedule of every shot in every scene of our film,
  • Preliminary Task

    posted on blog
  • Final Cut 1

    First final cut of our movie, we are hoping to edit it further, the only reason its a final cut is if we cannot amend the sound. however critism's: dialogue needs to be dubbed so that narrative can be understood.
  • Evaluation rough questions

    Questions 2 and 4 posted on blog, these are not definite answers more just a rough idea, they will be developed on in the final Evaluation.
  • Team starts Evaluation

    All the team have at least started their rough/actual answers for the evaluation
  • Wix Created

    Wix website for evaluation created
  • Wix edited in appearance

    Appearance of the Wix website to match the genre of our film. Also question 2 has been placed on the blog, and a prezi of question 4 has been made. Questions 1 and 6 completed and 3,5 and 7 are in progress.
  • Evaluation Deadline

  • Wix progression on deadline day

    Questions 2 and 4 are completed on the Wix website with a prezi and slideshare file of the audience profile placed. Question 1 is on the Wix but needs some content added and question 6 is also complete but not on the Wix. Questions 3,5 and 7 are done or are in progress and need to be placed on the Wix.
  • Project Finished

    Project finished including Wix Evaluation.