G321 Foundation Portfolio

  • research tasks

    research tasks
    i have done the analysis of the title sequence. i still need to do the 9 stills analysis. and becca is going to do the title sequence and i will help her
  • 9 frame analysis

    9 frame analysis
    I completed the 9 frame analysis. i just need to post it on my blog, so im ready to do the instuition research
  • 9 frame analysis

    9 frame analysis
    i linked becca title sequence analysis to my blog, i just need to to link becca's 9 frame and i need to upload/link and the titles timeline to my blog. I need to discuss with becca who is going to do insituiton reasearch and audience research. Also i linked my 9 frame to my blog.
  • Period: to

    G321 Foundation Portfolio

  • Institiution Research

    Institiution Research
    I have started the instituton research and need to finish it by answering the next question which i will do next lesson, and becca has started the audience research.
  • Institiution research

    Institiution research
    i have finished my research i need to upload it to slideshare and post it on my blog. also me and becca need to do some primary reasearch and an audience profile
  • Primary Research

    Primary Research
    Me and Becca created questions about horror for our primary research then we anomously asked 4 of our target audience. 2 16 year olds and 2 17 years old. Then we will used the results to help us plan our title sequence, which will be enjoyed by our target audience. Also I uploaded the titles Timeline to my blog.
  • Audience Profile

    Audience Profile
    I created a mock up audience called rachel. Also I watch a few horror title sequences to get more ideas for mine and becca's pitch.
  • Risk Assessment

    Risk Assessment
    I did a Risk Assessment on filming our title sequence and uploaded it to the blog. Tommorrow I need to do the treatment sheet. Becca is doing the storyboard and Call sheet as she is more artistic
  • Call Sheet

    Call Sheet
    I have done the Call Sheet ready to film in Half term becca needs to upload the storyboard and treatment sheet and i have a camera suitable to film and i am borrowing a tripod of Sally over half term.
  • Filming indoor shots

    Filming indoor shots
    Me and becca filmed the indoor shots for our title sequence, we will film the outdoor shots a week on Wednesday.
  • Call Sheet updated

    Call Sheet updated
    I updated the call sheet, as when filming on monday we had an extra location and decided to change the other location. I need to start on making the storyboard animated, because becca is doing the company logo and the shooting scedule.
  • Animatic

    I started making the animatic of the storyboard, on imovie. I need to finsih the end of the animatic next lesson also today we plan to film the rest of the footage today.
  • Animatic

    I contitued adding titles to the animatic I need to finish that and start planning the narration.
  • Animatic

    I started planning the narration i just need to record it now.
  • Animatic and Recce Shots

    Animatic and Recce Shots
    I Finished the animatic by adding narration to it uploaded it to youtube and i embedded it to my blog. Also I uploaded some of the Recce shots to my blog. Also we plan to film the rest of the title sequence as the deadline is Wednesday.
  • Outdoor Shots

    Outdoor Shots
    today we filmed the rest of the title sequence ready for the deadline tommorrow. Also I updated the call sheet because we changed location.
  • Test Music

    Test Music
    I created a sample of the type of music we plan to use in our title sequence on garage band then i upload it to soundcloud and embedded it on my blog.
  • Editing

    I continued on from becca with the editing on final cut and finished the rough cut and uploaded it to youtube and embedded it on my blog.
  • feedback on rough cut

    feedback on rough cut
    We watched the class Rough cuts and give feedback on the all on what is good and how to improve them. I compressed my feedback into a word document and uploaded on to my blog, to help when it comes to the final editing stage.
  • Re filming

    Re filming
    We refilmed living room scene because from our feedback, the arguement was too long and the camera didnt move it was just a medium shot. So in refilming we included a shot- reverse- shot and shorten the arguement soo it made it more intresting.
  • Editing

    Today I put the re-filmed footage in order within final cut. Ready to be fine edited.
  • Editing

    I have been continuing with the editing all week I added the narration I just need to film some more montage shots and think and add sound as it important to a Horror.
  • Editing

    I fiished the second rough cut and uploaded it to my blog. The titles are included in the sequence and the sequence is smoothly edited. all that need including nowis the orginal score and incidental music.
  • Final Cut

    Final Cut
    I have finished the final edit, and made the deadline which is today.The final edit includes titles, sound and footage. I uploaded it to youtube ad embedded it on my blog.
  • Evalution

    I have answered question 1 and started question 2 of the evalution questions,
  • Evalution

    I have answer questions 1,3,5,7 and uploaded it on my blog
  • Screengrabs

    I have took all the screengrabs from the editing process compressed and annotated them on to a powerpoint and uploaded them on to my blog.
  • Digital Evalution

    Digital Evalution
    I have started turning the draft answers into a Prezi, so each evalution question will have its own Prezi. So today I Finished Question 1.
  • Wix's evalution

    Wix's evalution
    I started to put the Prezi and the evalution questions me and becca have done on to our own wixs so the evalutions loook more neat to the moderator. I need to do question 6 and i need to put becca's question 7 and 4 on the wixs. Then it will be finished.
  • Wix evalution

    Wix evalution
    I started to digital add the evalution q6 to the wix.
  • Wix Evalution

    Wix Evalution
    I transfer the screengrabs onto question 6, I finished my bit of the Wixs. Becca needs to embed the presentation on q7 and add question 4 and the wix is done.