Fun Days

  • Went to Aden's dad's house

    When we arrived we watched TV for two hours then went out side and started a fire. Aden grabbed branchs from a tree and made marshmallows. Once we were done we put the fire out and watched two movies then went to sleep at two in the morning.
  • Glades Birthday

    When I weent to Glades Birthday there was alot of dancing involved. The music was very loud to everybodys ears, thats why I stayed away from the speakers. It was hot in their, about every 10 minutes I went out side to get some air.
  • 4th of july

    On the forth of the july I wanted to set off fireworks but it was too dry. We went down to my grandma's house to set them off. It was in huston a smaller town that is much noiser that here so it was ok.
  • Grandma's Birthday

    We went to Oak grove for my granma's birthday party. When we got their we told her she was 23 years old. We stayed their for a couple hours and ate cake and walked some trails
  • Wen my sister got her lap top

    when my sister got her lap top she stay up stairs on it for hours. When my mom goes up their she says she was just listening to music or that she just got on. The good thing is she off the house lap top, so I could go on it before she raced up stairs and tried to get it before me
  • First time fishing at the river

    When we got their it toke us a while to put on some weights. I didn't catch nothing for hours but a couple snags.That night we didn't catch nothing but i finalhy did fly fishing and say a couple come to the surface.