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From Seed to Pumpkin

  • Meet the Preschoolerrs Pumpkin Seed Planting

    Meet the Preschoolerrs Pumpkin Seed Planting
    A pumpkin begins as a seed. Let''s plant it in our garden and observe the changes when we return in August.
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    Preschool Pumpkin Patch

    A few days before the school year ends, I get to know the preschoolers who are coming to kindergarten. I take them outside and tell them their brain is like a seed, the more we feed it, the bigger it grows. We plant pumpkin seeds right before the school year ends. I take pictures throughout the summer and then when school starts in August, I show them the changes. We observe the changes until our Pumpkin Party in October.
  • Sprouts!

    As I was leaving for the summer, I noticed the seeds are starting to sprout...but they still don't look like a pumpkin yet.
  • Leaves

    Our little pumpkin sprout is now growing leaves.
  • A Flower?

    A Flower?
    I thought we planted pumpkins! Why do I see a flower? Let's read our book and find out.
  • Vines

    A vine is what the pumpkin will grow on. The flower has started to die and a vine has started to grow that will hold our pumpkin.
  • A Green Pumpkin?

    A Green Pumpkin?
    I came back to work today and I see a little green ball. It looks like the pumpkin is taking shape.
  • A Changing Pumpkin

    A Changing Pumpkin
    Our pumpkin seed that was so tiny is now starting to grow bigger. Look at how it has changed from when we first planted it. However, it is still not big enough for our pumpkin party. We will let it continue to grow.
  • Gettign Bigger

    Gettign Bigger
    Our pumpkin is getting really big. Our pumpkin party is a few weeks away.
  • Watch the Life Cycle Video

    href='http://' >Video of Pumpkin Life cycle</a>
  • READY!

    Our pumpkins are ready to pick. We will wear our gardening clothes tomorrow so that we can get in the dirt and pick our pumpkin.

    Our pumpkins are now ready for us to pick.
  • Make Your Own Jack-O'Lantern

    Now that we have learned about how pumpkins grow, click on the link and create your own pumpkin design.
    Online Pumpkin Carving