French Timeline

  • Oct 30, 1492

    Columbus Sets out for China

    columbus set out for china but landed in America.
  • Oct 30, 1534

    Exploration of the gulf of the st lawrence

    Jacques Cartier discovered and mapped the gulf of the st lawrence.
  • Oct 30, 1535

    Discovery of Stadecona ( Quebec )

    Jacques Cartier sailed up the st Lawrence and discovered Stadecona also known as Quebec
  • Oct 30, 1541

    Attempt for a 1st Colony

    Jacques Cartier Attempts to set up a colony but is unsuccesful. France lost interest for 60 years.
  • Port Royal.

    Attempt to set up a colony Port royal was located in Nova scotia. It failed because of its location.
  • Trading Post in Quebec

    Back then called stadecona. Champlain established this trading post were the river narrowed.
  • Mercantilism

    Although this method of money making was not created in 1610 it deeply hindered the colony of New France which plays an important role in it being taken by the british in the war of 1756
  • The fur trade

    Although there is no specific date to this part of the timeline either it is a essential resource in the economy of the colony. Its role is huge in mercantilism and generates tons of rveenue because of the love of fur hats in Europe.
  • Company of 100 assosicates

    In 1627, the company of 100 associates was mandated by the King of France to populate new France. The company attracted several hundred colonists however this was well under the 4000 that the King Projected. In 1663 New France had more then 3000 people. 1850 of them were immigrants.
  • Ville Marie

    Ville-Marie was founded in 1642 by Sieur de Maisonneuve. It was founded close to Iroquois village of Hochelaga. This settlement was founded mainly to evangelize the Amerindians to the Catholic Religion but became a major trading post because it was located in the heart of amerindian territory. In the 18th century it was renamed Montreal and the iroquois village of hochelaga did not exist after 1642.
  • Royal Goverment

    The King noticed that the company of 100 associates was destroying New France therefore the King closed shut down the company and put his minister of marine in charge, who at the time was Jean-Baptiste Colbert. They both decided to implement the Royal Government. This means the King was in charge with the minister of marine, followed by the sovereign council. That includes the intendant, governor and bishop, they are followed by the captain of militia and then the people.
  • Jean Talon Arrival

    The position of intendant was created in 1663 to foster the development of New France. The job of the Intendant was to be in charge of settlement and the planning of the Territory.
  • Jean talon Populates New france

    As the new intendant Jean Talon sets out a goal to populate and diversify the economy of new france. He sets measures to increase the population of the colony Ex: THe filles de roi.
  • The seven years war: START

    This war was started to see who would control all of the new territory which includes, New France and the 13 Colonies. During this time, the 13 colonies has the bigger population and better wartime experience and skills while New France has the larger territory. New France is under the power of France in Europe and the 13 colonies is under the power of Great Britain. They are both counter powers of each other.
  • The seven years war END

    After the 7 years war was finished, the British emerged victorious.The King of France signs over all of New France except 2 small island for fishing. This treaty was called the Treaty of Paris.
  • Royal Proclimation

    The Royal Proclamation was signed to transform the french colony into an english colony. This document also shows how Britain has all power over North America. This document charged the borders of New France. Changed the name of the territory to the Province of Quebec. Changed the way the land was divided and also changed the religion.
  • Treaty of Paris

    All the territory of New France is given to the King of England.
  • Quebect Act

    The Quebec Act pleases the demands of the French to ensure their loyalty.
  • American Revolution

    The start of the American Revolution
  • Treaty of versailles.

    The English now respect the americans as a independant country.
  • Extra Info about the french colony

    The french colony ( New france ) was held back by a terrible goverment whos only plan for the colony was to suck out every last resource. They focused their power in Europe and didnt care all that much about New france. They lost the seven years war because a mercantilist goverment as well as too much territory to soldier ratio, it was impossible to protect. Most french were catholics and spoke only french.
    Bishop: Was in control of the clergy in new france, hospitals, schools