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French Revolution

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    French Revolution

  • Summoning of the Estates General

    Summoning of the Estates General
    Louie XVI summoned the Estates General to find a solution to the financial crisis. So the French society sent their representatives to Versailles to express their whishes. But the king denied ay reform in the society oor the monarchy
  • The Third State took the Tennis Court Oath

     The Third State took the Tennis Court Oath
    The Third State took the Tennis Court Oath beacause the king shut out them from Versailles. So the National Assembly wrote a constitution and were renaimed as National Constituent Assembly. This was the start of the revolution
  • Attack to the prision of Bastille

    Attack to the prision of Bastille
    People attacked the Bastille in order to get weapons to defend from the king´s actions because it was the symbol of royal authority. This happened because they were afraid thet the King would dissolve the National Constituent Assembly
  • First Constitution of France

    First Constitution of France
    The National Assembly implemented some legal reforms such as the first Constitution to calm the kingdom
  • Deposion of the monarch

    Deposion of the monarch
    Sans-culottes assauted the Tularies Palace and depoed the monarch. This happened because th new constitution hadn´t solved the problems of the lowest urban classes
  • Girondins proclaimed the Republic

    Girondins proclaimed the Republic
    The Girondins (moderated bourgeoise) controlled the new assembly and proclaimed the Republic. They guillotined Louis XVI accused of opposing the revolution.
  • The Reign of Terror

    The Reign of Terror
    As Girondins were afraid of the war between them against all the European countries that didn´t want the revolution, Maximilien de Robespierre, the lider of Jacobins, asummed all powers and create a dictatorship. Their main supporters were sans-culottes.
  • Back of Gironds

    Back of Gironds
    The radicalism of Jacobins shocked Gironds, so they took the control of France again and guillotine Robespierre and his supporters. They created a moderated goverment
  • Start of the Napoleonic Era

    Start of the Napoleonic Era
    A young and out standing general called Napoleon Bonaparte organised a military coup strarting the Napoleonic Era