French Regime

  • Maisonneuve- Founder of Quebec

    Maisonneuve- Founder of Quebec
    It is inside Iroquois territory. It is named Ville- Marie.
  • Period: to

    French Regime

  • Lasalle

    He was a French cavalry general during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. He sails up the Missisipi.
  • Jeanne Mance

    Founded first hospital in New France. She was a French Settler to New France.
  • Marguerite Bourgeoys

    She established first school in New France.
  • King Louis the 14th

    King Louis the 14th
    He took power himself.He had 2 objectives which were settle Wars in Europe and take command of his colonies.
  • Royal Government

    Royal Government
    The king Louis 14 adopted the Royal Government and placed New France under the Minister Of Marine. Governor-highest rank the governor, particularly concerned with military and external affairs, was nominally foremost; and in wartime, or in Indian diplomacy and in the fur trade. Intendant dealing broadly with internal administration, especially in regard to settlement, land, law, and economic policies. (like a business manager) He controlled the budget.
  • Population of New France

    New France was not developing, it was comprised mostly of people working for the fur trade. The king took power wanting to encourage settlement. He put an Intendant named Jean Talon in charge. Talon wanted just about anybody to come to New France (except the HuguenotsFrench Protestants) He established the “filles du roi”. They were quickly married to the men in New France. He established the “System of Incestives”. which helped the population grow from 3 200 to 7 600.
  • 7 years War (4th intercolonial war)

    there was fighting going in both Europe and North America (the battle for N.A. ends first in 1760)
    -The British try for many years to take New France by land. --This was unsuccessful, so a sea attack was planned.
    -The English first take Louisbourg an extremely powerful fort
    They then sail down river to attack Quebec, a battle which would decide the colony of New France and the future of Canadian History.