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French Nationalism

  • First French Revolution

    Context: The French started a revolution to overthrow the monarchy… Cause: Absolutism, Unfair treatment of the three estates. The Third Estate was basically abused and got everything last. The Bourgeoisie didn’t like how they were excluded from official positions and power. Effect: King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were beheaded.
    Nationalism boomed. Rise of the middle class and changes in Society.
  • Period: to

    French Nationalism

  • Rise of Napoleon

    Context: Napoleon rose to power right after the French Revolution for his respectful reputation as a military officer. Cause: The French Revolution caused a lot of disturbance and disorder around France. That also led to the Reign of Terror, and like of course someone had to step up to put things back in order. Effect: Revolutionary and Nationalistic ideals was all across Europe.
    Creation of the French Consulate and First French Empire.
  • Napoleonic Wars

    Context: The series of wars during the reign of Napoleon. Cause: The British and French had a lot of conflicts and basically they both resented each other's attempts to expand their empires. The trigger for the first armed conflict was the attempts by Britain and Russia to remove France from the Batavian Republic. Effect: France was granted a generous peace settlement, restored to its 1792 boundaries and not required to pay war indemnity.
  • Congress of Vienna

    Context: European leaders met in Vienna to resolve problems made by the French Revolution Cause: Restore order and balanced powers in Europe equally so they wouldn’t have a second French Revolution Effect: New borders around Europe.
    Restored monarchies
  • Second French Revolution/July Revolution

    Context: Insurrection that brought Louis-Philippe to the throne of France. Cause: Charles X tried to censor the press and take away voting rights from the middle class, leading Liberalism and nationalism trying to break through the conservative ideas of France. Effect: Overthrew Charles X and established a constitutional monarchy.
    “The Bourbon dynasty which was restored in 1815 was overthrown by liberal revolutionaries.” (
  • German Nationalism (Reunification) Fails

    Context: The 38 independent states of Germany wanted to reunify and fulfill their nationalist dreams but ultimately failed due to lack of support. Cause: Cries for change led German rulers to promise constitutions and other liberal reforms Effect: Offered Frederick William IV of Prussia the crown but refused to accept from the popularly elected assembly
  • Third French Revolution

    Context: The Third French Revolution where the French became a republic and got rid of monarchy. Cause: Severe economic problems and the middle class fighting for the right to vote however the government refused to make these reforms Effect: Monarchy was overthrown and a group of radical republicans were the temporary government and led to New French Constitution and the Second Republic
  • Franco-Prussian War

    Context: A war where many German States got together with Prussia to defeat France. Cause: France was worried Prussia was getting too powerful after reuniting Germany Effect: Germany united
    Established 3rd French Republic
    Italy reunification completed
  • Imperialised Vietnam

    Context: The French was driven by economic motives and imperialised Vietnam. They were mainly looking for raw materials and cheap labor. Effect: Vietnam had French cultured structures because they were occupied by them and the French removed many Vietnamese buildings in order to put theirs, the outcome for people in Vietnam was dispossession, control, exploitation, and brutally.