Charlemagne france

Franks stick their enemies with the pointy end

  • 241

    First Mentioned

    First Mentioned
    The Franks were first mentioned by Roman historians in connection to a battle fought against the Romans.
  • Period: 300 to 400

    settled across the Rhine and became a proper civilization

    The Franks settled, despite being attacked by the Romans.
  • 312

    Split into two different groups

    split into the Salians and the Ripuarian
  • Period: 400 to


    Basically nothing happens, just random people ruling and not doing much. This is when the Merovignan kings (the do nothing kings) were in power, and, true to their name, they did nothing.
  • 507

    Clovis' kingdom

    By 507 all of france except a narrow strip along the Mediterannean is his acknowledged realm.
  • 511

    Clovis' death

    After Clovis' death, the land was ruled by his four sons and splits into three kindoms.
  • Period: Apr 2, 762 to


    He was born april 2 762 and died of pleurisy. He was kind and tried to make life better for the serfs and tradespeople but he could also be cold hearted and he once killed 4000 people for not converting to christianity. Charlemagne was also very interested in education and built many schools and monasteries.
  • Became allies of Rome

    The Franks suffered a huge defeat and Rome was satisfied to leave them be as long as they became allies, the Franks agreed
  • Fall of the Kingdom

    Charlemagne's sons were weak in the face of viking invasions and raids and pretty much ruined his kingdom.
  • Emperor of the Roman Peoples

    Charlemagne was crowned as the holy roman emperor by the pope on christmas eve.
  • 3 Kingdoms under 1

    For the first time in a loooong time all three kingdoms are united under one "Major Palatii" the mayor of the palace, Pepin II.
  • Period: to 511

    Reign of King Clovis

    Fortune really started turning in the Franks favor during Clovis' reign. They conquered a lot of land and became the first Great Barbaric Kingdom north of the Alps.
  • Period: to

    Charlemagne's reign

    This guy was really good at what he did and conquered a huuuuge amount of land, ruled well, and cared for his subjects. An all around good king. Charlemagne governed from his palace in Aachen.