France From Louis XIV to 1919

  • The Thirty Years' War

    The Thirty Years' War
    Fought by many countries. France came out victorius, known as being the highest power in Europe and expanded their territories.
  • Louis XIV

    Louis XIV
    The King of France in 1660. He was on of the greatest leaders of French history.
  • The French Recession

    The French Recession
    The French Recession was a major downfall for France. It corrupted their government.
  • Napolean Bonaparte

    Napolean Bonaparte
    Napolean Bonaparte was one of the greatest military leader and empoerer of France
  • The French in the American Revolution

    The French in the American Revolution
    They helped because the realizd the British colonies had potential to help Fance. France supplied the American colonists with military supplies and arms.
  • The French Revolution

    The French Revolution
    This started when the King was taken from Versailles and moved to France. After the execution of King Louis XIV the people of France started taking out any and all enemies. It ended with Napolean Bonaparte becoming empoerer in May 1804
  • Third Estate

    Third Estate
    The National Assembly members took Tennis Court Oath, pledging to create new a constitution. This group of people were called the Third Estate. They consisted of the peasants and city workers which were the majority of the population. The people got together to start a revolution.
  • Robspierre

    Robspierre believed in the revolution but as he gained power and got involved in other groups a political battle broke out. He was capable of the worst actions to support his ideas of revolution. He then launched a campaign about dechristianisation throughout the country as censorship was installed into the press making so his ideas were the only ideas being put out there. This made him be executed by the public.
  • The Constitution

    The Constitution
    The rights of man and citizens regulation was organized by the National Assembly of France on August 26, 1789. The National Assembly believed that the cause of public mishaps or catastrophic event and the corruption of governments were the ignorance, neglect or contempt of the rights of man. This would resolve the problems.
  • The Bicycle

    The Bicycle
    A wooden scooter like contraption called a celerifere. Invented by Comte Mede de Sivrac of France.
  • The Metric System

    The Metric System
    French national Assembly directed Academy of Science to standardize the units of measurements
  • The Guillotine

    The Guillotine
    A more humain method for execution, tall wooden frame work with a hole to make a person's head stay still and a long falling blade. Dr. Joseph-Ignacio-Guillotin was the inventor.
  • French Religion

    French Religion
    French Religion changed from Christian to Aetheist. But later changed back to Roman Catholic Religion
  • The Napoleonic War

    The Napoleonic War
    Started in 1803 and ended in 1815. It was a series of wars against Napoleon's French Armies.
  • The Eiffel Tower

    The Eiffel Tower
    Created by Alexandre-Gurstave Eiffel, 53, known as "master builder in metal." The eiffel tower was created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution.
  • The French in World War I

    The French in World War I
    A war that started between the French And germans in attempt to conquer Europe.