Explorers timeline

By theelmo
  • Apr 4, 1000

    Leif the Lucky son of Eric the red sailed west to Baffin Island and Labradour. He founded Vinland.

    Leif sailed west to what possibly was Baffin Island and Labradour.
    He landed in Newfoundland. He named the land Vinland
  • Jul 19, 1008

    Thorfinn Karlsefni sailed with about 160 people to Vinland

    They didn't stay long. Thorfinn's wife Gudrid had a son, Snorri. He was thought to be the first European born in North America
  • Apr 11, 1451

    Christopher Columbus was born in Genca, Italy

  • Mar 16, 1492

    Christopher Columbus set sail with 3 ships. The Santa Maria, the Nina and The Pinta.

    He was funded by the monarchs of Spain
  • Apr 13, 1492

    Christopher sighted land which was the Bahamas and then he went south Florida. He met the Taino peoples who were part of the Arawk nation. He named a place San Salvador.

  • Apr 16, 1492

    Christopher traveled to Haiti, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic

  • Jan 1, 1497

    John Cabot was captin of the Mattew when they set sail

    In 1497 John Cabot was captin of the 40 metre ship the Mattew
  • Mar 21, 1497

    John Cabot found land. It could have possibly been Cape Brenton Island. He later found out that it was not China. He claimed rhe land for King Henry VII of England

  • Apr 13, 1497

    John Cabot travlled father south. He found the water there filled with cod fish. He named the land Newfoundland.

    John Cabot said "the sea in these parts holds great quantites of fish",. The fish could be taken out just by lowering a bucket into the water.
  • Apr 13, 1498

    John Cabot set sail again with 5 more ships. He tried to find the Far East. He sailed along Bafiin Island, Labourdour, Newfoundland to search for eastern civillzation.The weather made his journey difficult.

  • Sep 29, 1499

    John Cabot was lost.

    Some people say a storm sank 4 of his 5 ships. Other say that he returned to England and died there.
  • Nov 30, 1506

    Christopher Columbus died. He was thought to be the man who discovered America but there was no proof

  • Apr 13, 1534

    Jaques Cartier went to North America in search for gold, spices diamonds and most importantly a passage to the Far East.

  • Apr 13, 1534

    Cartier sailed with 2 ships with 61 men. He met the Mi'kamq, and the Iroquios.

    The natives were getting used to the Europeans. They requested Mirrors, guns, knives and tools
  • Apr 13, 1534

    Cartier went back to France with The cheif Dononca's 2 sons

    Catier did not know that the land belonged to the first nation's peoples.
  • Jan 19, 1535

    Catier came back with 3 ships and 110 men. The natives led him to the St Lawernce river ans Stadacon (montreal) They told him that there were a lot of gold silver copper and spices.

    The winter was very harsh. They were the first europeeans after the vikings. Most of the men died in the winter. Before they left for France they kidnapped cheif dononcona. He wanted to return to his people the next time Cartier wen tto America. But he died before they went back.
  • Jun 16, 1541

    Cartier retuened to Canada. He settledin Quebec. His crew was hard to control and made trouble with natives, What he thought was gold was really ross a worthless substance.

  • Jun 20, 1541

    Back at France, the King sent Jean-francois de La Roque de Robervat to estabailsh a france colony. There were conflicts with the Iroquis. Jeasn met Cartier in Newfoundland. Cartier wanted to go back to france. But Jean wanted him to stay in Canada. But Ca

  • Oct 16, 1557

    Cartier died in France.

  • The king of France gave Aymar de Chaste a monopoly on the fur trade in Canada. The captin of his ship was Samuel de Champlain. They arrived in the St Lawernce Rivier.

    They noticed that the natives were gona from the area. They travelled to the Lachine Rapids. They met the Algonquins. They traded furs. They returned to France. De caste died shortly after.
  • Sieur De Monts was apointed with a monopoly over the fur trade. He was requied to estabilsh 60 new settlers each year for the next 10 years. Champlain was the captin of the ship.

    Champlain used an insturment called an astroblabe. he used it to navigate and find the lattiude of the ship.
  • De monts and Champlain made a french settlement in Stadacona. It was a trading post. It had good soil for planting and it was easy to protect the settlement from attackers.

    Champlain was a skilled carpenter. The winter there was harsh. ONly 8 out of 28 of the settlers lived. The natives taught them how to farm, fish, make clothing and hunt. Champlain dreamed of this colony.
  • Champlain wantded to find China still. He travelled with the help of Huron allies. He went inland to the Richeilleu Rivier. He named a lake, Lake champlain.

  • Champlain travelled as far as the great lakes. He has his astrolabe, pen,paper and compass.

    Later he returned to the settlement. He was considered the Father of New France
  • Samuel de Champlain died

  • Eric the Red was guilty of murdering his neighbors, he was banned from Iceland

    Eric was banned from Iceland he sailed to Greenland with friends to estabilsh a new settlement.
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    Time span of the european explorers