Evaluation Question 7

  • Formed Production Groups - Preliminary Exercise

    In our group we were given brief instructions of what we had to do for our prelim video. we sat down together and discussed that we had to film somebody walking through the corridoor and into another room. we deligated tasks and roles based on individual skills. working in a group was much easier than working individually as we all had different idea, however sometimes it was challenging when people disagreed. we researched other thriller films to give us some ideas for our own video.
  • Period: to

    Thriller Research and Planning

  • Filming Continuity Exercise- Preliminary Exercise

    In our group of 3 we delegates roles for the director, camera man and actor. the idea of the prelim was to introduce the concepts and practical application of continuity filming and editing, for example, the 180 degree rule, match on action and shot-reverse-shot. these were the 3 main things we had to focus on and include in our prelim. at first they were quite hard to understand but eventually we managed to get all three concepts into our prelim. these helped us practice for our final OTS.
  • Editing Continuity Exercise- Preliminary Exercise

    Being new to filming and editing, it was hard to get to grips with the 3 concepts, 180 degree rule, match on action and shot-reverse-shot, and only after doing it practically, did we learn how to shoot in this way, seeing the results edited together.
  • Evaluation of Preliminary Exercise

    The prelim exercise went well and we managed to to include all 3 concepts correctly. at first i found it hard to film with the actor on the same side, but i found using the microphone very easy. delegating roles, planning etc worked very well. overall i we learnt how to use the camera, and we learnt editing skills which we could use to put into out final OTS.
  • Initial Ideas for Opening Title Sequence

    We first started plannin gour initial ideas around this date. this was when we all first sat down together and brainstormed all of our ideas, until we finally came up with our final idea for our opening title sequence.
  • Filming day Planning for our Opening Title Sequence

    We then started planning for our filming day. we had to create shot lists, with all of our different shots and shot types. we had to create a storyboard of our OTS and decide on costumes and props we were going to use. it was very useful planning everything well in advance, as then we had enough time to make sure everything was suitable for when we had to film. when creating our shot lists, we had to consider mise-en-scene etc...
  • Filming our Opening Title Sequence

    When it came down to our filming day, we were all prepared and ready to get straight into it. we went to our first location and filmed all the shots we had to film, and so on with our two other locations. we were quick, but practical and didnt miss any shots out, to make sure we had plenty to use in the edit. i am very proud of the shots we used by the bustop as they work really well, and we have created some great angles.
  • Filming Day Review of our Opening Title Sequence

    After filming our OTS, we then had to review our rushes. when doing this we realised that we didnt have everything we needed, so we then had to go and film again on another day. when refilming we didnt have any problems with continuity, as we made sure the weather was the same and we were all in the same costumes. we had trouble finding a place to shoot the photography studio scene, so we set up a fake photogrpahy studio in one of the photography classrooms at the college, this helped us a lot.
  • Our Final Opening Title Sequence Cut

    We used Match on action when Harry is walking around the corner (following the girls). we also used shot-reverse-shot when the girls are walking out of the school grounds, and Harry is standing outside of the school watching them, we use shot-reverse-shot to show that he is following them. although it was fairly difficult, we managed to stick to the 180 degree rule, as we never went behind our cameraman Jack, or the camera. our end product is good, and it uses all 3 major concepts of a thriller.
  • Editing our Opening Title Sequence

    Editing our OTS compared to our prelim exercise was a lot more challenging, but also a lot more fun! it was much easier to edit as we had kept in mind continuity editing, so all of our shots matched up together and flowed nicely. as we had more time, we decided to try some different editing transitions. our main transition was the flash from the camera, we used the flash to go from one shot to another, as it links in with the theme of our film.
  • Overall View of our Opening Title Sequence

    Overall my skills and knowledge of the thriller genre have improved greatly, and i am really proud of our final cut of our OTS. we worked hard to complete it and we have learnt editing and filming skills along the way. i am proud of my whole group.