European Nations Settle in North America

  • 1524

    Verrazzano, sailing for France discovers New York Harbor.

  • 1534

    Frenchmen Jacques Cartier navigate the St. Lawrence River names an Island along the River Montreal.

  • Jamestown is founded on the coast of Virginia by 100 English settlers.

  • French explorer, Samuel de Champlain, founded the colony of Quebec.

  • Henry Hudson, exploring for the Netherlands, claims land that will become New Netherland.

  • An epidemic of smallpox, brought by Europeans, kills many Native Americans on the New England coast.

  • Pilgrims from England found an English Colony in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

  • The Duke of York drives out the Dutch in New Netherland. The Duke of York claims the colony for England and renamed it New York.

  • King Philip's War begins in colonial villages of Massachusetts, between Colonists and Native Americans.

  • Sieur de la Salle explores the lower Mississippi Valley river, and claims the Valley for France and names it Louisiana in honor of the French King Louis XIV.

  • War between the British and French, known as the French & Indian War. The war is fought over disputed land claims in the Ohio River Valley.