European History

  • 476

    The last Roman emperor in the West,Romulus Augustus,was deposed by the Foederati Chieftain,Odoacer.

  • 523

    Justinian marries Theodora.

  • 525

    The Angles settle in NE England in an area called Bernicia.

  • 527

    Justinian 1 becomes the Byzantine Emperor.

  • Jun 6, 615

    The Edict of Paris grants extensive rights to the Frankish Nobility.

  • Jul 7, 615

    Pippin of Landen becomes Mayor of the Austrasian Palace. The Turks invade China.

  • Sep 9, 620

    Medina is converted to Islam.

  • Oct 10, 624

    The Visigoths recapture Andalusia from the Byzantine Empire.

  • Nov 11, 626

    The Byzantines defeat the Avars, Slavs, and Persian army that attempted to besiege Constantinople.

  • Dec 12, 671

    Battle of Two Rivers: King Ecgfrith of Northumbria defeats the Picts.

  • Jan 2, 674

    The first Arab siege of Constantinople begins.

  • Feb 3, 675

    Frithuwold of Surrey is baptised and so is his son; Surrey becomes Christian. Arabs raid Crete.

  • May 7, 1037

    George Maniaces begins a campaign against the Arabs in Sicily.

  • Feb 8, 1046

    The first contact occurs between the Byzantine Empire and the Seljuks.

  • Jan 8, 1048

    Last Viking raid on the Kingdom of England;unsuccessful raiders flee to Flanders.

  • Feb 6, 1055

    The Seljuk Turks capture Baghdad.

  • Mar 5, 1072

    The Normans conquer Palermo in Sicily.

  • Feb 7, 1119

    Knights Templar Founded by Hugh de Payns.

  • Feb 11, 1137

    Louis VII is crowned King of France. He subsequently marries Eleanor of Aquitaine daughter of William X.

  • Feb 7, 1144

    The County of Edessa falls to Zengi of Mosul. Manuel I Comnenus brings Raymond, Prince of Antioch, under Byzantine influence.

  • Apr 7, 1145

    Pope Eugene III issues the bull Quantum praedecessores, calling for the Second Crusade.

  • May 11, 1150

    The earliest textual reference is made to Gypsies working as musicians in Constantinople.

  • Apr 10, 1155

    Frederick I Barbarossa is crowned Holy Roman Emperor.

  • Oct 7, 1163

    The Almohads finish driving the Normans out of North Africa.

  • May 9, 1214

    Battle of Bouvines; In France, Philip II of France defeats John of England.

  • Jan 8, 1220

    The Mongols first invade the Abbasid Caliphate ; Bukhara and Samarkand are taken.

  • Apr 11, 1233

    The Inquisition is established.

  • Apr 7, 1237

    Mongol invasion of Rus':Sack of Ryazan. The Livonian Brothers of the Sword unite with the Teutonic Knights.

  • Apr 19, 1290

    King Edward I of England orders all Jews (then numbering around 16,000) to leave England.

  • Mar 30, 1297

    Battle of Stirling Bridge: The Scottish armies of Andrew Moray and Willian Wallace defeat the English.

  • Clovis I becomes the ruler of the Salian Franks at the age of 13 after the death of his father.

  • Cerdic becomes the first King of Wessex.

  • Kubrat,ruler of the Bulgars, is baptized in Constantinople

  • Hispano-Visigothic king Egica accuses the jews of aiding the Muslims, and sentences all Jews to slavery.

  • Paolo Lucio Anafesto is elected the first Doge of Venice.

  • Umayyad troops invade Armenia and secure submission of Smbat VI bagratuni.

  • Widukind and many other Saxons are baptized.

  • The Second Council of Nicaea ends the first iconoclastic period in the Byzantine Empire.

  • Charlemagne conquers Bavaria.

  • The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle records the first appearance of Vikings in England.

  • The Avars invade Europe again, but are defeated by Charlemagne.

  • Vikings sack the monastery of Lindisfarne, Northumbria, their first major viking attack in England.

  • First siege of Constantinople by the Rus.

  • Rurik gains control of Novgorod.

  • Oleg of Novgorod takes kiev and makes it his capital.

  • Charles the Fat becomes King of Western Francia, thus for the last time reuniting the Frankish kingdom.

  • The Vikings besiege Paris.

  • Alfred the Great captures London and renames it Lundenburgh. Charles the Fat of France purchases peace with Vikings. Rollo of Normandy then lifts his siege of Paris.

  • The Moors lose Madrid to the Kingdom of Leon.

  • King Edmund I of England takes Northumbra from the Viking.

  • A Byzantine army under Nikephoros Phokas captures and plunders Aleppo.

  • Mieszko I, the first duke of Poland, is baptized a Christian.

  • The Pechenegs begin the Siege of Kiev.

  • Nicephorus II begins a campaign to recapture Cilicia.