European explorers timeline

By Bluerox
  • Apr 11, 1000

    In year 1000 Leif Erickson (son of Eric) sailed west from Greenland and saw 2 pieces of land maybe Baffin Island and Labrador.

    He than landed in Newfoundland and named the land 'Vinland'
  • May 8, 1008

    In year 1008 Thorfinn Karlsefni and 160 other people sailed to Vinland to establish settlement

  • Feb 2, 1492

    In 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed from Spain.

  • Mar 2, 1492

    Christopher sighted land which is the Bahamas.

  • Mar 3, 1492

    Christopher then sailed Southeast to Florida.

    He arrived at a place named San Salvador
  • Mar 24, 1492

    While looking for the Northwest passage Christopher found land at the Caribbean

    Christopher also sailed to Cuba, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic.
  • Jan 1, 1497

    John Cabot and his crew set sail in the boat 'Matthew '

  • Feb 22, 1497

    John Cabot arrived at land and is believed that the land was Cape breton Island

  • Jan 1, 1506

    Christopher died in Spain in 1506

  • Apr 12, 1534

    Cartier (Jaques Cartier) sailed from St. Malo France in 1534 to look for gold, spices and diamonds.

    He travelled to Strait of Belle Isle, south along the west coast of Newfoundland and aroun the Gulf of St. Lawrence.
  • Jun 13, 1534

    Cartier also travelled to Gaspe (in Quebec) and put a cross in the Iroquois land to show that this land is claimed by the french

  • Jul 14, 1534

    Cartier than went back to France with the Donnacona's chief's 2 sons.

  • Apr 12, 1535

    After the harsh winter the people that survived went back to France along with Chief Donnacona.

    In the following year Chief Donnacona died.
  • May 16, 1535

    The next year Cartier returned to North America.

    Cartier brought back the chief's 2 sons . Then they travelled inland to The St. Lawrence River as far as Stadacona.
    Later on they travelled inland to Hochelega and the Iroquois there, told Cartier where he could find gold
  • May 18, 1541

    In year 1541 Cartier went back to Canada.

    He settled in Quebec but during the time Cartier's men got in trouble with the Iroquois. Afterwards Cartier decided to go back to France but a noblemen, Jean Francois de La Roque de Roberval met up with Cartier and told him to stay in Canada but Cartier got away at night and sailed back to France and died in 1557
  • Samuel De Champlain set sail with Aymar de Chaste to Canada to claim land and riches.

  • De Chaste and Champlain sailed to upper St. Lawrence river.

  • De Chaste and Champlain sailed to Lachine Rapids. Than they returned to France and Chaste died shortly after.

  • After a year Champlain sailed with De Monts to Canada.

  • Champlain and De Monts tried to establish a settlement in Acadia but was not sucessful

  • After Chmaplain and De Monts went to Port Royal where they established a settlement.

  • In 1606 established a settlement in Stadacona.

  • In 1609 Champlain travelled inland Richelieu River. He did not find the ocean but found a lake and named it Lake Champlain

  • In 1615 Champlain went to The Great Lakes.

    Afterwards he returned back to New France and became a govenor
  • Afterwards he goes back to New France and becomes govenor.

    After he brought his family to Quebec and he died in 1635 in Quebec on Christmas Day.
  • Eric the red (a viking) and his friends set sail to the west and established a settlement in Greenland

  • Period: to

    The discoveries of land by different explorers (including the vikings)