European Explorers

By Vixter
  • Apr 11, 1012

    Vikings came to North America

    About 1000 years ago-500 years before Columbus.
  • Apr 11, 1451

    Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy

  • Apr 11, 1492

    Columbus sailed the ocean blue

  • Apr 11, 1492

    Columbus went to the monarchs of Spain

  • Apr 11, 1497

    John Cabot and his crew sailed on the 40-metre vessel the "Matthew"

  • Apr 11, 1498

    Cabot set five sail with five ships to search the routes of the Far East

  • Apr 11, 1499

    (Historians say that he returned back to England) Cabot died in the following year

  • Apr 11, 1506

    Columbus died in Spain

  • Apr 11, 1534

    Jacques Cartier was commissioned by King Francis I of France in the following year

    They travelled to North America to look for spices, gold, diamonds, and the passage to the Far East.
  • Apr 11, 1534

    Cartier sailed from St.Malo, France

  • Apr 11, 1534

    Cartier sailed from St.Malo, France

    With 2 ships and a crew of 61 men. They travelled through the Strait of Belle Isle.
  • Apr 11, 1535

    Catier returned to North America

    With 3 ships and 110 men. He also brought back Chief Donnacona's two soms.
  • Apr 11, 1541

    Catier returned to Canada

    He settled in Quebec, but they got into a lot of trouble with the Iroqouis.
  • Apr 11, 1557

    Catier's Death

  • Sameul de Champlain was Aymar's ship Captain

  • Sameul de Champlain became the captain of the Sieur de Monts' Ship

  • Sameul de Champlain and Aymar established a French settlement at Stadacona

  • Sameul de Champlain travelled inland up the Richelieu River

    He did not find the ocean but he found a lake he named Lake Champlain.
  • Champlain made his way as far west as the Great Lakes

  • Champlain died in Quebec on Christmas Day

    He's considered the first governor of Canada. He's also called "Father of New France".
  • The Vikings sailed was and established a settlement in Greenland

    They sighted 2 peices of land, possibly Baffin Island and Laborador. They landed in Newfoundland, and they found wild grapes growing, so they called this area Vinland.