Europe in the Middle Ages

  • 476

    Fall Of The Roman Empire

    Rome was te greatest empire in history. It fell due to German ribes. It caused the middle ages, or the dark ages. People did not feel safe because there was no protection. Money and wealth decreased and there was no common currency.
  • 500

    Catholic Church Takes Over

    Catholic Church Takes Over
    After the Fall of Rome there was nobody in charge. The Catholic Church were the biggest and the best so they stepped up to be in charge. They were the Voice of God and if you disagredd with them, then you disagreed with god. Hell was used as fear.
  • Jan 1, 700


    During Feudalism barbaric tribes attacks. Civilizations made manors and kings and nobles helped keep power. Kings could only be appointed by Divine right, meaning you had to be hired by the pope or God. Nobles you had to be born into their career.
  • Jan 1, 768


    Charlemagne was appointed by the pope and ruled the most land.
  • Jan 1, 1096


    The Crusades are started by the muslims taking the Holy Land. Due to this:
    Trade increases
    Safe to travel
    Start leaving manor
    But most importantly, the muslimskept the Greek and Roman Writings.
  • Sep 26, 1350


    The Rennaissance was started by the Crusades. It promoted trade just as the Crusades did. But the Bubonic plague also occured at this time
  • Sep 26, 1492


    Columbus coming to America was causd by the desire to find a new route to Asia but instead found America.