Ethics Identity TimeLine

  • Black eye

    Black eye
    okay sadly the day before my birthday in pre school i got a black eye. But the problem is i really don't know how i got it. my memory tells my i was fighting with someone over My Doll and then boom. But the teacher told a different story so idk but i know is till had fun
  • Pink motor scooter

    Pink motor scooter
    When i was in Pre-School i came home my mom had brought me a pink motor scooter and i was so excited. i was the first kid to have it and it also went really fast like 15-20 miles per hour * yes im pushing it with the 20 mile but still that what it felt like
  • 6th Grade Trip

    Okay so this was kinda the best week of my life but the worst because i embarrassed myself. But the 6th grade trip was out of state to Atlanta Ga to visit collages. For one yes i think we was a lil too young for college visits but overall it was really fun. But one way i embarrassed myself was because i was tryna impress this boy that i had a crush on but it just wasnt going right so i didn't like it.* i dont know what month so im about to make it up
  • My First Real BestFriend

    My First Real BestFriend
    I wanted to write about this because nobody has ever done this to me to become my bsf. But a lil history me and this person have been to the same school before freshman year but we didn't like each other because of a boy. But when freshman year came we hung out with each other so much became really close over that year but on my birthday Damia Renee Smith asked me to be her best friend and that was the best day but some things just always happen but i love her so much and i will love her forever
  • First Time I Lost Myself

    First Time I Lost Myself
    Okay you remember when i had the best day of my life? Becoming Damia's Bsf but unfortunately she left me in this world by myself and the lord had different plans for her but this man had a mental disorder and he went around shooting people and Damia was one of them but she was in a coma for 27 days but left me on our anniversary of becoming bsf and i lost myself completely and i was really depressed but weeks before i met someone who made my life a lil good but made it worst at the end
  • My Fist Real Job

    My Fist Real Job
    Okay so my first job i hated it when i t started working it was all fun and easy going because yeah and i was making money but now i hate it because when dont want to give me days because i cant close and they dont understand im in school i cant stay until 1-2 in the morning then come home shower and still have homework and still have to study i cant do it and plus the mangers just too big for they age to be childish and messy but hey im just waiting on this other job to call me
  • Braces

    Okay so i been wanting braces my whole life because i thought they was so cute. But once I started working i got a dentist appointment and i got braces AND THEY COSTED $4,500 and my teeth wasn't bad at all but i was paying a monthly bill until i was on tiktok this lady do braces and they was only $500 but at that point i only needed to pay $1,600 left so i just stop going and paying because i really wasted thousands of dollars for something i didn't need.
  • For The Moment Love

    For The Moment Love
    I titled this for the moment because that what it was but before my best friend passed i met this girl well i already knew her but the thing is this person was here for me when Damia got shot and when she passed away this person was here for me. But she always ended up cheating, not going to lie i love the moments we spent together but she just always end up hurting me so i just had to take a step back and realize my worth. After that i just haven't been in a relationship until now
  • First Concert Fail

    First Concert Fail
    Okay so i went to my first concert and it was to see G Herbo but the problem was i wasn't a big fan of him its just that i never been to a concert. It was all fun at first until 2 hours later that announced he wasn't coming so i was shitty but i still had fun because i was with Takyla
  • The Concert

    The G Herbo concert finally happened after months went on but it wasn't as fun as the first time. it was worse because Takyla nd i did somethings that wasn't good like drinking and smoking. I was okay but she was kind out of her mind and being paranoid but that wasn't the only problem. My mom count get to us because it was the mexicans day so the streets was blocked off so we had to get on the train but the problem is everyone phones was dead or dying and my mom didn't find us until 3am