English Heroes Project

  • Subway Hero

    Subway Hero
    Today we watched a David Letterman interview on Wesley Autrey. Wesly recued a man who had a seizure and fell into the path of an oncoming subway.
  • Roy Benavides

    Roy Benavides
    Mrs. Allen read to us a passage from a book by John McCain on a Vietnam war hero, Roy Benavides.
  • Kristi Quillen Interview

    Kristi Quillen Interview
    Today we watched the Englsih teachers interview a Taylor HS alumini who joined the Peace Corps.
  • Hero's Journey assignment

    We discussed who we were oging to pick as our hero. I decided to do my project on someone Japanese.
  • Search for Hero

    We went to the library to look for books on our heroes.
  • Kenzaburo and Hikari Oe Chosen

    Kenzaburo and Hikari Oe Chosen
    We were at the library looking for books again. I wanted the Tiger Mom book, but it was already checked out. Decided to do report on Kenzaburo and Hikari Oe.
  • "Change the World" Powerpoint

    "Change the World" Powerpoint
    Watched a PowerPoint with many video clips portraying different kinds of heroes. YEAR OF THE RAT was awesome.
  • "Change the World" Powerpoint

    "Change the World" Powerpoint
    Continued the PowerPoint on Changing the World. There were many songs. All we need to do is lsdvndljfnvkdfjnfdv.
  • How I Chose my Hero

    Wrote a paragraph on how I chose my hero.
  • Heroes in Literature

    Wrote a multiple paragraph paper on our heroes.
  • Share Heroes

    We shared our heroes in class today. There were many interesting people.