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Emily, Dani, & Morgan's Community Service

By mh3128
  • Shoveling Snow

    Shoveling Snow
    We will be shoveling snow 10am-12pm on this day for anyone that is interested. If so, please call us @ (605)-421-0166
  • Make Scarves

    Starting in the morning, we will be sewing winter apparrel for a couple hours. Feel free to stop in. We will be located at the City Church.
  • Make Valentines

    Make Valentines
    Making Valentines and handing out giftbaskets for the needy. 12pm-3pm.
  • Extra Candy/Toys

    Extra Candy/Toys
    This day we will be handing out the extra candy, toys, and random items we had when making valentines. Anyone is welcome.
  • Walk Dogs

    Bring your dogs to the city park shelter 1pm-3:30pm to have them get a nice excercise around the town.
  • Food Drive

    Food Drive
    Open to the public for donating any canned, boxed, or stored food items. Anyhting is excepted.
  • Wash Dogs

    Wash Dogs
    We will be set up behind the Methodist church. No size limits to your dogs, and we will be going from 1pm-4pm.
  • Mowing Lawns

    Mowing Lawns
    Free Mowing Service, Will mow any size of yard. Free Will Donation accepted.
  • MayDay Baskets

    MayDay Baskets
    We will be creating different sorts of baskets for our communty. Also, we will be going around the town delivering them to houses.
  • Pick Up Trash

    Pick Up Trash
    We will go around town and pick up trash for a few hours this day. Anyone is welcome to help, and we have other volunteers coming along with us also.
  • Sweep Sidewalks

    Sweep Sidewalks
    On this day, volunteers will be gathering up their brooms and dustpans to go sweep all sidewalks.
  • Car Wash!

    Car Wash!
    From 12-3:30pm, we will be hosting a car wash for the community.
  • Mow Lawns

    Mow Lawns
    Mowing lawns around the community so the grass can look great for the nice 4th of July the next day.
  • Clean Churches

    Clean Churches
    This day we will be going around town to clean all of the churches in our community. Anyone can help with this chore of cleaning because it would be much appreciated.
  • Water Flowers

    Water Flowers
    If anyone is in need of their flowers being water, be expecting our team of volunteers at your door step. If you do not want/need them water, please simply place a sign on your front door saying so.
  • Make Candy Suckers

    Make Candy Suckers
    We will have it open to the public and everyone can stop in from 1pm-3pm. Free Will Donation going to the McCook Central Highschool is accepted.
  • Concession Stand

    Concession Stand
    We are going to offer to help get the concession stand, football field, and whatever else ready for the first home football game.
  • Design Tshirts

    Design Tshirts
    On this day, we will be designing T-shirts for the upcoming football and volleyball season. We will be sending out order forms and putting some in the newspaper if anyone is interested.
  • Rake Leaves

    Rake Leaves
    All of the volunteers will be going around the community raking leaves out of people's front yards. We will try to get as much done as possible.
  • Costumes

    The City Hall will be open for us to be set up in there. We will be offering to help get or design Halloween costumes for the less fortunate. We will also offer to bring them candy on Halloween night.
  • Miscellaneous Day

    Miscellaneous Day
    This day will be just for helping out with anything anyone needs help with through out the community.
  • Miscellaneous Day

    Miscellaneous Day
    Today will be the same as the 3rd.
  • Bake Sale

    Bake Sale
    We will be putting on a bake sale in the Salem Armory. Optional to bring in any items you'd like, otherwise stop by to pick something up! Free Will Donation to the Athletic Boosters is accepted.
  • Wrapping Gifts

    Wrapping Gifts
    Stop in the school library if any help is needed for wrapping gifts, for family, friends, neighbors, or anyone! We will be going all day. Everyone is welcome.