development of of use of technologies

  • filming day 1

    filming day 1
    The first day we actually filmed was on the 30th October which went well as we filmed everything we needed to
  • Final day of filming

    Final day of filming
    On the 31 of October we finished filming we used the Bernice's Camera to film and 3 different memory cards for taking pictures and the other 2 for the footage.
  • First day of editing

    First day of editing
    We started using final cut pro to edit the footage and cut the footage and also arranged the footage in order. but we had many difficulties editing
  • Period: to

    Edting time span

    In this time was where the music video started to take shape as all the proccess was going well other than some rendering issues.
  • Retakes

    We had to reshoot yet again as we lacked footage so we used Bernice's camera, the dedo light and the dimmer to dim the lights.
  • Practise editing on Photoshop

    Practise editing on Photoshop
    In class i was given a task of editing a really bad photo of a girl and make it into an actual album cover which was quiet hard as the possision of the girl wasn't right.
  • Ancillary pitch

    Ancillary pitch
    For this part of of the proccess I made a presentation using Emaze to show my ideas for my CD cover e.g. inspiration, fonts, colours ect.
  • Planing the Album cover and inside panels

    Planing the Album cover and inside panels
    This is my plan of the album front cover this is how I intend to make it look on photoshop.
  • mock up

    mock up
    mock up inside panels
  • Mock up album cover

    Mock up album cover
    This is my mock up on photoshop of my album cover
  • Period: to

    Editing on Photoshop

    From the 8th of January to the 15th ive been editing my album front cover and the inside panels and the advertism
  • Final edit of album cover

    Final edit of album cover
    This is my final edit of the front cover on photoshop i used many different tools to make it look the way it does.
  • Inside panels

    Inside panels
    This is the final edit of the inside panels