102 2008

Danny's Timeline

  • Period: to

    Tech spring

  • Internet safety

    Internet safety
    http://www.nsteens.org/TeachingMaterials?tab=NSTeens' >Ns teens</a>
    We learned to not bully on the internet
  • Avatar Creator

    Avatar Creator
    Face of the future
    we created a funky photo of our selves
  • Power point for safety

    Power point for safety
    We did a power point on what we learned in internet safety.
  • wordle

    We created a word cloud about our selves
  • Glogster

    We made a digital poster of ourselves and about the school.
  • Animoto

    We made a video with pictures about our selves
  • igoggle

    we made our own webpage
  • Google docs

    Google docs
    igoogle docs
    we made a presentation with a partner and worked on it at the same time from different computers
  • logos the turtle

    logos the turtle
    logos the turtle
    we made a turtle draw pics using code
  • Robot C

    Robot C
    Lego mindstorms
    we made a robot go through a maze using code
  • web 2.0

    web 2.0
    i chose appmakr as my web 2.0 project. it let me make apps for the iphone, android, and windows phone
  • time toast

    time toast