Creative ideas and scheduling

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  • create a production schedule

    create a production schedule with deadlines that must be met
  • Research creative music videos containing a short story

    look up at least three music videos that contain a short story, mainly stroy about the artist being cheated on.
  • Resarch/ case studies

    gather 3 case studies of excisting music videos that relate to your music idea in terms of genre, style, content and role performance.
  • Understanding the lyrics

    Once you have done your case studies break down the lyrics of the song so it can be more understandable. Reading between the lines or taking each line apart.
  • Treatment

    This is a rough plan of what you intend to do. This is where you should sell your ideas you should talk about the summary of the narrative, inspirations, actors, props, locations, audience, length.
  • Focus groups and pitch

    This is to ensure your audience needs are being met and clearly targeted before filling in any documents and the feedback from the audience is important.
  • Pre-Production

    Start a draw up of the story board. Alo, the recces, risk assessment snf call sheets need to be done along with the story board.
  • Shooting of the video

    You have 3 weeks to shoot the music video.
  • Editing

    After you shoot the music video you need to edit the footage being taken.
  • Research and planning the CD/ DVD cover advert

    create case studes of the CD / DVD cover advert and mock up of the ideas. Find 3 examples of existing CD / DVD cover advert.
  • Production of CD / DVD digipack and advert

    Produce a photography call sheet, help to organzie the artist, location etc. Take print screen of the progress and create a inside, front and back.
  • Post-production forcus groups

    when your digi-packs are finished you would need to show your target audience and make any changes needed to meet the target audience needs.
  • Evalaution

    The evaluation for questions 1-4 must be completed. Including ananlysis of digi pack and audience feed back everything must be taken under consideration
  • Coursework deadline

    The project must be finished and handed in.