Create a Country

By ajs4693
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  • Revolutionary War

    We had been at war for over 10 years. We were trying to get our independence from Argentina.
  • The First Election

    The first election was crazy everyone was rushing to the local courthouse to vote on the president. When it seemed like it could not get worse it did because the two candidates left hit each other at the same time so it was a tie.
  • The Winter of 1949

    The Winter of 1949 was the worst part of our country`s history. All the fish went up north to the warmer parts of the ocean so there was almost nothing to eat.
  • Most Income

    We found a pot load of emerald and iron when the rest of the world needed it the most. Because of that we got 3 million dollars just out of the iron and 4 million dollars out of the emeralds that year.
  • The New Record

    This is not a happy record the water level is getting higher and higher. It is getting higher because the ice from our country is melting and the water is making it melt faster.
  • Basker

    Basker is Soccer is Basketball combined. You try and give the other team points and have the fewest points at the end of the game.