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  • First day of school! *(:

    First day of school! *(:
    This day was the first day of high School for me! The first time i ever met Mrs. L ;) One fear i was terrified facing was being judged by people, but now ive grown to not care what people think about me :)
  • Period: to

    ..ahhhh; timeline:)

  • Booooook I read. :)

    Booooook I read. :)
    One book I read & finished this year would be Glass. This is one of my favorite books that I enjoyed reading.
  • My Birthday:)

    My Birthday:)
    My fifteenth birthday! This day wasn't good to start out with cause I was grounded on my birthday for back talking my dad, but it turned out to be a good day because my friend Megan threw me a small party at her house. It was a very fun night! ;)
  • Mommy's Birthday! :)

    Mommy's Birthday! :)
    My mom turned the big 50 that day! It was a really good day cause we got to go out and eat and have a little family get together. I love being around the family:)
  • Anniversary of grandma's death:'/

    March 12th, 2008 my grandma Dorothy died. I lived with her almost my whole life. She was nothing but a mother to me. I loved her more than anything. I don't know how im still surviving to this day without her here. I miss & love her so muchh.:/
  • Jessica's Birthday Party!!!!!:)))

    Jessica's birthday partyy!! it was soooo funnn:) we went to her uncles house & had a bigg partyyyyy:D & that night was pretttyyy cazzyyy alsoo;-)
  • Tried dirt :(

    Tried dirt :(
    Mrs. L told us in this year that she eats dirt, well today she brought some to class & let me tell you, it was nothing like what she described! :P *future reference - NEVER EAT DIRT AGAIN. it was fun when i was a kid, but not now ;)
  • Research Project:):)

    Research Project:):)
    Today I printed off everything on my research project, i'm so happy that i finished this. I never thought i could, & i would have to say that this is one of the most professional pieces of writing i ever wroteee:)