Civil War Letter Project

  • The Great Laugh

    The Great Laugh
    Camp Utley,
    Racine, Wisc., Sept. 27th 1861 to Brother Quig
    We left Monroe at 8:00, took a break at Janesville then got on the express train. We reached the suburbs of Racine at directly 7:00. Once we got to camp we got cheers from Dutch and Yankee. After Dinner we went and slept at the theater. Then we watched a show at the theater, they all lagged and it was really funny. It was the most I've laughed in a while.
    Civil War Drama
  • The Bad Storm

    The Bad Storm
    New Madrid, Mo. April 5th ‘62 to Beeples
    There's a really bad storm today with wind, rain, hail, thunder, and lighting. The gunboat needs to be moved below the island. He refers to the boat as a her and says it quite rakish, it's name is Carondolet.
  • The Rebel's Cease

    New Madrid, Mo. April 6th ‘62 to Beeples
    Me and some others are told to watch the fort while the others bring the guns onto the Carondolet. They leave and when they get a few miles away from shore a rebel boat comes near the Carondolet. They shoot batteries back and forth until the rebels cease. The Carondolet gets to the other side and they see how strong the rebels are between here and point Pleasant.