Chris McCormack Hero Project Timeline- Grant Meloche

  • Subway Story

    Subway Story
    Today we watched a video over a man who was willing to risk his own life to save the life of a man who had a seizure and feel onto the tracks of a subway. The man was able to jump on top of the man with the seizure and pin him down between the tracks while the subway flew by over their heads.
  • Introduction to project

    Introduction to project
    We learned about the Project that we would be doing this six weeks
  • Weekend

    Thought about doing Victor David Canadian an Oympic Swimmer who was a gold medalist and world record holder who was killed by a drunk driver in a hit and run.
  • Interview

    The class watched a interview with Mrs. Simmons and Kristi Quillen a peace corps volunteer who is staying in Puerto Rico. She is a hero in how she gave up so much to give back to a community without much.
  • Geoffrey Canada

    Geoffrey Canada
    Went onto Time most 100 influencial people of the year and thought about doing Geoffrey Canada who had set up schools for kids in Harlem.
  • Chris McCormack

    Chris McCormack
    Day I decided to do Chris McCormack, a world campion triathlete, who has won the Ironman in Kona, Hawaii twice.
  • Book

    Bought Chris McCormack biography " I'm Here to Win."
  • Book

    Today I got to 20% of my book.
  • First Post Video

    First Post Video
    Made my video for my first post.
  • Paragraph for first post

    Paragraph for first post
    Wrote a paragraph for my first post as well.
  • How I Chose My Hero

    How I Chose My Hero
    Today we wrote a paragrpah over why we chose our hero and how we came to that conclusion.
  • Book

    Today I got to 80% of my book
  • Wrote Paragraph over Heroes in Literature

    Wrote Paragraph over Heroes in Literature
    Today I sat down with Mr, Joseph and got my English post of the week out of the way.
  • Heroes in Literature

    Heroes in Literature
    Today we did a posterous post about our heroes as children, our comtemporary view of a hero, and heroes we have found in literature.
  • Book

    Today I finished my book 100% finished. I enjoyed this book very much not only was I inspired with my hero and his life, but I also learned alot about triathlons and training for them.